Become a Poultry PRO with Manna Pro!

Want some super cool poultry gear from Manna Pro?  All you have to do is purchase the products you already love and mail in the UPC codes!  Try out at least one product from six of our different categories - Chick Care, Yummy Treats, Nutrition, Poultry Care, Egg Care, and Comfy Coops - and you will earn all four items from our 2013 lineup!

How to get your gear:

  • Collect proofs of purchase from TWO categories and get our brand new "Raise Backyard Chickens" poster!
  • Collect proofs of purchase from FOUR categories and get both the "Raise Backyard Chickens" poster AND our "Grow Your Own" reusable shopping bag!
  • Collect proofs of purchase from ALL SIX categories and earn a "Raise Backyard Chickens" poster, our "Chicken Breeds" poster, a "Grow Your Own" reusable shopping bag, AND an "Ask Me How To Pick Up Chicks" t-shirt in Medium or Extra-Large!

Fill out the questionnaire to the right and download the entry form.  All forms need to be postmarked by August 31, 2013 to participate.  Contact with questions.