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Stable Thinking


The Most Common Equine Fly Spray Mistakes

Are you making one of the most common Fly Spray mistakes?!

Putting fly spray on in the summer is akin to a habit like brushing our teeth in the morning. It becomes a daily routine!  But, did you know that there is a method to properly apply fly spray?

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Fly Protection 101: Fly Masks

Ever heard the phrase, “Where there are horses, there are flies?" As most of us know, flies can be a nuisance, but did you know they can also cause health issues to horses? Painful bites that spread diseases can come from face flies, stable flies, deer flies, horse flies, horse ticks and other biting insects. Ick! 

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An Eventing Groom’s Tips for Keeping Flies Away from Your Horse

 Summertime calls for the onslaught of the flying armies. Flies, mosquitos, horse flies – you name it, they’re coming out in full force.    As a professional eventing groom, I have to make sure the horses are not concentrating on the buzzing creatures around them, but on the task at hand: the ride  .
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Summer's Most Deadly Threat To You and Your Horse

For horse owners, summer is the time for baths, early rides to beat the heat and grazing.  Unfortunately, it is also the season of the dreaded fly!  Yes, flies can be quite the pests.  But, did you know there is another dangerous offender lurking around you and your horse?  The perpetrator is the mosquito.
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Tips on Preventing Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) in Your Horse

With summer in full swing you may think that the summer is winding down, but did you know that August is also peak season for mosquitoes?

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Fly Repellent Tips For Horses from Force™ Fly Control

Well, it is fly season and if you do not have a plan of action, it’s time to develop one. Manna Pro has just made it easier with a line of new Equine Fly Repellent products…under the brand “Force”. 

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