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A Guide To Buying a New Goat


A Guide to Buying a New Goat

 Buying goats can be such a fun experience!

Goats are not terribly expensive animals, even award winning lines are fairly reasonable considering what some pure bred dog breeds cost. But still, you want to make sure you are getting a valuable animal for your money.

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Patriot Day Angel Food Cake Recipe

Photo Credit:  Tristan Peirce 

Honor. Bake. Celebrate!

Some call it “the day that changed the world”. For me, until that September 11th, it had always just been a happy day and my birthday. On September 11, 2001 – a Tuesday, as I recall – I had just emerged from the subway, so I’d been out of touch for a bit, but when I came out onto one of Toronto’s busiest streets – Yonge Street – I saw people clustered around electronics stores, staring at banks of TVs in the windows, each one playing what? A movie? The latest Hollywood blockbuster? Some blow-em-up thriller with Bruce Willis? But the mood was too solemn, and there were tears, too. And people looking dazed, wracked with disbelief. In shock.

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Raising Chickens In The Fall

Each year, the trend of backyard chickens continues to climb and it is no surprise that hatcheries are starting to meet the demands of those keeping chickens. Ordering little ones is no longer only a springtime tradition. Hatcheries are now meeting the desires of chick fever with ordering available through the summer and even into the fall and winter. There are some benefits to ordering them later in the season. Baby chicks grow quickly, so those living in milder fall and winter climates in the southern portion of the United States can easily be raising chickens even over the winter.

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Help Your Calves Beat the Heat


Heat stress is a common summertime challenge for young calves. The increased heat and humidity experienced in most parts of the country decrease weight gain and increase the age at first calving of dairy replacement calves.


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5 Reasons to Consider a Mobile Home for Your Hens

Chicks dig their houses! Just like your house, your hen’s house provides two critical elements: safety and comfort. Beyond those key factors, the rest of the coop plan is negotiable based on details that best fit your lifestyle, taste and preferences. 

Mobile chicken coops, sometimes called chicken tractors, are lightweight and highly mobile homes for your chickens, offering ease for you and some benefits to your hens and gardens.

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Fourth of July - Perfect Picnicking with Eggs!

Featured Photo Courtesy of Tristan Peirce

Canadians celebrate their special day on the first of July. In the States, it’s the fourth. Either day or way you celebrate, we bet there’s going to be some outdoor feasting involved. Of course the grill is king all summer long and especially from the first through the fourth, but along with all those hot dogs and burgers, we’ll all be dishing up some sumptuous sides – many of which will contain eggs and mayonnaise.

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The Importance of Good Fencing for Raising Goats

Goats are climbing animals by nature. In the wild, they spend their days balanced on impossible ledges and vertical mountain cliffs. It takes incredible strength and well trained footing to live in a goat’s natural habitat. Because of this natural ability, a weak farmyard fence is child’s play to a goat.

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Two Delicious Egg Recipes for Mother's Day

Every Mother Hen has Her Day! Try these Two Delicious Egg Recipes for Mother’s Day.

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How To Pick The Right Chick - A Guide To Choosing Chicken Breeds

One of the most difficult and exciting things about keeping chickens is selecting which breeds are right for you and your family. I say difficult, because there are just so many breeds and options! In fact, the truth is that you really can’t make mistakes. I can really only think of one exception. You need to choose breeds that are compatible with the climate where you live. From their looks, the eggs, personality, and their ability to handle confinement, I think that you will be delighted to discover hundreds of chicken breeds are available to you.

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Six Tips to Get Your Calves Off to a Great Start!

Just like a newborn baby, calves need consistency, good nutrition and great care. Preparing ahead of time will help ensure you can provide your calves with the growing start they need for a healthy, productive life.

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