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First Aid Kit for Chickens

Whether you are new to chicken keeping or have been keeping chickens for years, it is a good idea to be educated and prepared not only in regards to caring for your flock but also when health issues arise. It's important to realize that health issues are rare, but sometimes things happen. It's for this reason that I recommend to all chicken keepers old and new alike to be prepared by making a chicken first aid kit for their home.

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Oyster Shell vs. Grit

If you’re new to chicken keeping, you might be confused about two products you have read about or seen on your feed store shelves: oyster shell and grit. While many use these two products interchangeably, each actually serves a very important, and very different, purpose for your chickens’ well-being.

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Raising Pigs for Meat

The pig may be the most judged and misunderstood animal on the farm.  They are loved for their bacon and hated for their mess.  Their hams are served for Easter Lunch but no one wants to have a pig on the farm.

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Flock Nutrition - Backyard Poultry Success

Welcome to the world of backyard poultry! What an exciting time for you and your family. One of the best things that you can do when it comes to raising chickens is to be sure that they are getting excellent nutrition. Starting out with good nutrition is key in how your chicks develop into grown chickens, future egg productivity, and their overall general health and longevity.

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Goat Kids: Dam vs. Bottle-Fed

Although meat and fiber goats are raised by their mothers under normal circumstances, dairy goats are often bottle-fed. Disease control, higher profits, and friendlier goats are the three reasons given for bottle-feeding dairy goats. However, bottle-feeding may not be the right choice for everyone.

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Hoof Care for Goats

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How To Raise Baby Chicks - 3 Easy Steps


I don't know about your neck of the woods, but around here it's baby chick time.  They are at all the Farm Stores.  They are at the Feed Mill.  They are at the Horse Supply.  Here a chick, there a chick, everywhere a chick-chick.

Baby Chicks, baby ducks, baby guineas, baby poultry are everywhere!

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Milkers on the Homestead: Cow Milk vs. Goat Milk

If you have thought about producing your own milk, you might have thought you would have to get a cow. That’s the milk most of us grew up drinking. However, goats and sheep are more commonly milked in various parts of the world, and both are growing in popularity as milkers in the United States.

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Bottle Feeding Calves

There are few things as adorable as a bottle-baby...a bottle-calf, that is.

It is hard to find a cow as sweet, affectionate and people loving as a former bottle-calf.  The little critters are hand-raised, loved and sometimes feel more like the family dog than the family cow.  If they weren't so big and bouncy, I'm pretty sure bottle-calves would probably be lounging in living rooms everywhere.

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Chicken Tricks and Training with Treats!

First, A Bit of History

Gallus g. domesticus. Those are our backyard chickens. Ever wonder just what was going on in those feathery little heads? Bird brains, indeed.

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