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Five Tips to Prepare Your Backyard Poultry for Winter

Cold weather doesn’t have to be rough on backyard poultry. In fact, most chickens do very well despite falling temperatures. If you want to make sure your flock is optimally prepared for the cold, here are five tips to get you started. You might even be able to enjoy fresh eggs long into January and February!

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Treating Your Chickens Right

Chickens, like any pets, love to indulge in treats. Typically, their diet should predominantly be comprised of chicken feed with access to oyster shells, grit, and clean drinking water. However, like us, now and then it's nice to treat them to something different.

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Dealing with Goat Scours

Dealing with Scours

The old joke that goats will eat anything, even a tin can is not only incorrect but misleading. It leads us to believe that goats have stomachs of steel and can digest anything put in front of them.

The truth is that a goat will “taste” many things; zipper

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Considering Age Differences When Feeding Your Flock

If you’re a chicken owner who plans to raise chicks, young pullets, and laying hen’s side-by-side, you’ll need to know how to do so while ensuring all of your chickens receive the proper nutrition for their age. Feeding chickens of different ages, while confusing at first, is fairly simple when you follow a few important guidelines.

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Milking A Goat: What You Should Know

If you’ve never milked an animal, put it on your bucket list!

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Egg Laying and Optimizing Production in Backyard Chickens

One of the many reasons chicken keepers like you and I begin to keep chickens in our backyards is for the eggs. Fresh eggs cannot be beat. Not only do they taste better, but they are much more nutritious and fresher than their grocery store counterparts.

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Too Hollywood to Homestead?...Think Again!

Glitz, glamour, fame, money, hills, mansions, movies....these are just a few of the many thoughts that come to mind upon mention of Hollywood and the aura that goes with it.  

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Raising Kids - Dehorning & Wethering

 Goat Dehorning

Dehorning is a touchy subject in the goat world and rightly so. I can honestly understand both sides. There are those who believe that dehorning is cruel and goes against the natural biological makeup of a goat. There are others who believe that a horned goat, even if well behaved, is dangerous and could injure itself, a herd mate, a person or child unintentionally. You add wire goat fencing that horns can be tangled in and you have the risk of strangulation, or other injury.

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Raising Kids - Nutrition, Udder Care and Digestion

Raising Kids

Raising goat kids is fresh in mind these days. Our doe, Eleanor just blessed us with a beautiful buckling which we named Huckleberry. There’s little around the farm that brings us more joy than watching a goat kid hop around the pasture, learn to coordinate its legs and climb on everything it can wobble over to, including us!

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Bird Flu: Knowing What to Look for and Helping Protect your Flock

Reports of Avian Flu, commonly known as bird flu, continue to be updated daily and with nearly 50 million birds affected across 30% of the country, this story will continue to be headlined for at least the foreseeable future.

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