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Decorating Backyard Eggs for Easter

If you have a variety of backyard chicken breeds like I do, I’m sure you often hear that their eggs are so beautiful they don’t even need to be decorated for Easter. I hear it every time a neighbor, friend, or family member takes a gander at my blue, green, cream, and chocolate colored eggs. To be totally honest, it’s true. The eggs are gorgeous enough to display for Easter without any additional adornments or dyes.

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Preparing the Kidding Stall - Part 2

Cleaning the Area

Clean the stall removing all soiled bedding. The floor of our stalls are cement so we mop with a diluted bleach solution and soapy water. We use a pine pelleted bedding to absorb any moisture, and then apply a fresh, thick layer of clean straw.

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Preparing the Kidding Stall - Part 1

At our farm, we try to do all that we can to ensure a calm and healthy environment for our does to kid. Certainly, goats can give birth in all sorts of conditions, but if we can do something to make it easier or more successful, we try.

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Organic Options for Chicken Keepers

As you and your family spend time with your new baby chicks, you will find yourself amazed at how quickly they grow, feather out, and develop their own unique personalities. We love to keep chickens for many reasons. These include keeping them as fun pets, for delicious eggs, on-going entertainment, organic pest control and to provide manure for our compost pile. However, I feel one of the most important reasons I keep chickens is that I want to know where my food comes from and that it's safe for me and my family.  The chickens have become part of our family and we have become part of theirs. Caring for our flock on a daily basis helps to keep them healthy and thriving. In my opinion, one of the best things you can do for your families, whether human or feathered, is to start them off with excellent nutrition.

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Starting Your Flock Off Right

Spring is here and as the days slowly grow longer it seems that many of us are dreaming of spring chicks. It's that time of year when we page through breeder catalogs, search the internet for our must have breeds, and begin to hear the peeping of baby chicks at our local feed stores. Soon enough you and your family will welcome chicks into your backyards and into your lives.

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Goats: Preparing for Kids

Preparing for the birth of a goat kid will insure they get off to the right start. Of course, the doe is going to do most of the work in the birthing process, but there are many reasons why a baby goat kid might need your support and preparation.

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Goats: Caring for Pregnant Does - Part 1

One of the most amazing things about raising animals is witnessing the process of birth. Every step of the way presents a new miracle to behold. The hours I spend in the barn with our goats awaiting the arrival of kids has created some of the most cherished memories of my life. It’s true life in the barn. Raw life. And it’s beautiful.

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Goats: Caring for Pregnant Does - Part 2


Pregnant does and does in milk need different nutrition than young does, bucks and wethers. Protein plays an important roll in the health of a doe. There are different ways you can increase protein levels in your feed. One way is to include alfalfa hay into their diet. We also like to increase the grain ration by 25%. We do this slowly and include a probiotic and access to baking soda to help keep balance in the rumen. You can also supplement the grain mix with sunflower seeds or beet pulp pellets. Sunflower seeds are especially healthy for fiber producing goats.

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Spooktacular Halloween Jumbles-Homemade Treats for Chickens

Hello Friends!

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Prepare Yourself for Your Newborn Baby Animal!

Don’t Leave the Well-Being of Your Newborn Animal Up to Chance

Whether it be calves, foals, kids, lambs, etc., Birthing Season, or as we like to call it, “Milk Season,” is here and baby animals are on their way! With so many thoughts running through your head in preparation for the birth of your newborn baby animals, we want to take a second and remind you of the importance of having animal colostrum on hand at all times.

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