6 Blends of Bagged Lucerne Farms Forage Feeds

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Are you new to bagged forage feeds?  If so, you are reading the right article! Forage is a must-have in a horses diet.  You should be certain you are feeding/providing a good quality forage to ensure that your horse is getting the proper nutrition it needs.  What better way to do this then to choose a bagged forage that has a guaranteed analysis associated with it? Even more exciting... Lucerne Farms has 6 different forage feeds for you to choose from!  Each with a special blend!

1. Hi Fiber- Perfect for Older Horses & Pleasure Horses: A measured blend of Alfalfa, Timothy, & Oat Hay mixed with cane molasses.  This blend contains highly digestible fiber, a 9% Protein level, and is short-chopped for easier chewing and digestibility.


2. Totally Timothy- Ideal for easy keepers or over-weight horses: The name says it all- contains all Timothy Hay mixed with cane molasses. At a 7% protein level, it is superior for digestibility, easy to feed, and great for travel!


3. Alfa Supreme- Great for Broodmares and Growing Horses: Alfa Supreme is a blend of Alfalfa Hay and cane molasses. It is an excellent source of natural vitamins and minerals, has a slow release of energy, and a 15% protein level.  An ideal choice for young horses.


4. Timothy Plus Alfalfa- For Performance Horses: This blend is a 70/30 mix of Timothy and Alfalfa hays.  It is blended with cane molasses and supplies a slow release of energy reserve- great for sport horses.  It has a 12% protein level.


5. Hi Fiber GOLD- Ideal for horses with insulin resistance, Cushings and Laminitis: This measured blend of Timothy, Oat and Alfalfa Hays are mixed with Soybean Oil to create a low sugar, low starch forage.  It is high in fiber and fat, and contains a low NSC level.  It is Molasses-free so there is no need to worry about adding extra sugar to your horses diet!


6. The New Chris Cox Forage Blend- For your Hard-Working Horses: It is a balanced mix of Alfalfa and Timothy Hay. This blend offers controlled energy, solid nutrition, is consistent in quality, easy to feed, and fortified with soybean oil to support strong hooves and a healthy coat.

What's more, Lucerne Farms offers a consistent quality forage, with a guaranteed analysis on every bag.  It is grown in Northern Maine so no need to worry about Blister Beetles entering the mix!  Also, since it is high temperature dried, the hay is dehydrated, locking in the natural nutrition and eliminating mold spores.  It is perfect for any type of horse, whether you just want a quality bag of forage, your horse has allergies, heaves or any other respiratory condition, a bag of the Lucerne Farms forage is perfect!

See what Chris Cox has to say about Lucerne Farms!

Whatever forage you choose to feed your horse, we are always interested in learning about you and your relationship with your horse! Share your stories, feed program, ask us any questions you may have about any of our products, or just general horse health questions! From field to feed, we are here to support you!  


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