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You work hard to earn the dollars to pay for your leather tack and take pride on how well your horse Lexol_FB_Carousel_1.pnglooks & performs in his saddlery. Lexol® Equine understands this, and we want you to have the information you need to ensure your tack maintains its beauty & usefulness for years to come. In this guide, you will find information on not only how to best care for your tack, but some useful hacks
and of course we have to bust some common leather care myths.
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  • Why Tack Care Should Be At The Top of Your To-Do List
  • Every Day Leather Cleaning
  • Professional Deep Cleaning
  • Inspecting Your Leather Tack
  • Removing Mold On Leather Tack
  • Properly Storing Leather Tack
  • Lexol® Leather Care Program & Coupons

Andrea Fappani is sponsored by Manna Pro Products, LLC and recieves free products of his choice but his opinions and experience with the products are his own.

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