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Stable Thinking


Best Tactics for Removing Mold on Leather Tack (Safely!)

Summer is the PERFECT weather for riding, swimming, and you got it MOLD! Sometimes life just gets in the way and we can't find the time to ride for a week or two and we get back to tack that is nice and moldy.

Although it is tough to completely recover tack that has been neglected, where there's a will there's a way!

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Fly Control From The Inside Out- Nature's Force Bug Clear

Summer has finally arrived and along with it, insects.  As the temperatures heat up, equine fly spray goes on. There are many options to help the horse owner fight off flies, manage mosquitoes, deter deer flies, negate nasty gnats and keep their equine partners free of predation by the various insects that buzz about in the Spring and Summer.

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The Pro's Secret to Applying Fly Spray

Putting fly spray on in the summer is akin to a habit like brushing our teeth in the morning. It becomes a daily routine!  But, did you know that there is a method to properly apply fly spray?  

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Fly Masks: The First Line of Defense Against Flies

Ever heard the phrase, “Where there are horses, there are flies?" As horse owners, we know that phrase far too well!  As we gear up for fly season, it is time to get your fly control arsenal ready.  It is important not to forget about one of the most sensitive parts of your horse, his face!  In addition to fly spray and premise control, you can protect your horse's face, ears, nose and eyes with a mask.

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Combating Arthritis in Horses With Exercise

The senior horse requires special attention to keep him comfortable and to enable productive work under saddle in his vintage years.

The benefits of keeping your senior horse working are many. Not only will regular light exercise help to engage his mind and keep him mentally active, it will also help keep equine arthritis and unsoundness at bay.

A trained horse that is left to his own devices may become depressed, develop stable vices and will genuinely miss the interaction with humans in his daily life under saddle.

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Dealing With Horse Shedding - Tools That Work Best

Equine Spring-cleaning time is here! With longer days and warmer weather comes....shedding.  If your horse isn’t clipped and/or blanketed, he’s probably a delightful fluffy fur ball and as mud season gets underway his color has migrated to a dark crusty brown. 

Horse Grooming Tip: Before you begin grooming, discard any fleece jacket or fabrics that you are wearing that will attract dirt and hair before you start. A plastic apron such as dog groomers use, is a great aid in keeping you clean.

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