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15 Spook-A-Licious Horse Halloween Costumes Ideas

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Halloween is one of the most fun holidays of fall, but it can be an anxious time for the indecisive horse owner. Check out our collection of horse and rider costumes for some spook-a-licious horse costume ideas!

The Headless Horseman: The Headless Horseman is a classic costume idea. All you need is some body paint and a pumpkin (and a patient horse of course). Photo submitted by Sandy C.

horse costumes

John Deere Tractor: Nothing runs like a Deere! This elaborate tractor costume is sure to turn heads in the stands! Photo submitted by Erin K.

horse costumes

Starbucks Barista: Expresso yourself one cup at a time in this Starbucks horse costume. Photo submitted by Leslie K.

costumes for horses

 Mickey & Minnie Mouse: What is cuter than these two Disney stars? Photo submitted by Kyron H.

 halloween costumes for horses

Despicable Me Minions: Wish we could all have our own minions, but these will do! Photo submitted by Donna C.

horse costumes

Elvis: Check out this stellar Elvis Presley impersonator! We think this mini has it going on. Photo submitted by Jamie H.

costumes for horses

Spongebob Square Pants: What cartoon character should you dress up as? Spongebob and his seahorse Mystery of course! Spongebob's trusty steed seems to be enjoying the photo shoot. Photo submitted by Kelsey W.

halloween horse costumes

Dirt Bike: Check out this smokin' team! Equipped with 4 wheel drive and major horsepower. Photo submitted by Brittany E.

costume for horses

Easter Bunny: Who says you can't dress up as a different Holiday on Halloween? Photo by Darlene R.

horse costumes

Harry Potter and Hermione Granger: It's Wingardium LeviOsa, not LevioSA! Dress up as your favorite wizards this Halloween! Photo submitted by Missy H.

horse costumes

Scooby-Doo And Velma: Jinkies, isn't this costume fetch! I think this pony would like some Scooby Snacks! Photo submitted by Stacey K.

horse costumes

Duck Dynasty: "It's on like Donkey Kong" as SI of Duck Dynasty would say. This costume is quite easy to pull off and is sure to turn some heads! Photo submitted by Hollie G.

horse costume

Rainbow Brite: All you need is some colorful clothing, hair extensions and a gray or white horse to pull this adorable costume off! Photo submitted by Jackie S.

horse costume

The Black Pearl: Argg! This Pirate and his ship are ready to set sail! Be sure to assemble this ship safely around your equine! Photo submitted by Carrie H. 

horse costume idea

Train: Check out this adorable train and conductor. Great idea for any child and their pony! Photo submitted by Carlie H.

horse costumes

All of these photos were entered in our 2013 Facebook Halloween Costume Contest. We had so many wonderful entries! If you plan on dressing up with your horse this Halloween, be sure to thank your patient equine for displaying your awesome costume!

Remember, saftey always comes first.

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Gabby Gufler

Gabby Gufler

Gabby Gufler graduated from Truman State University in 2013 with a BS in Animal Science & Nutrition and a minor in Equine Science. Gabby currently works on Manna Pro’s marketing team, and enjoys competing regularly with her six horses.

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