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25 Brilliant Uses For Flexible Horse Wraps

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Believe it or not flexible horse bandages can fix many problems you may encounter on your farm or even on the trail! So when you are feeling a little crafty or your wallet is looking thin, keep these handy horse wrap uses in mind:

    1. Bandage for wounds
    2. Protect hooves when being treated or when a shoe is sprung 
    3. Wrap a pregnant mares tail prior to foaling
    4. Hold neck IV's in place
    5. Temporary tourniquet 
    6. Use as supportive leg wraps or apply to your current leg wraps when the Velcro falls off
    7. Fix your manure rake handle (avoid splinters!)
    8. Hair Tie (wrap tightly or tie it into a bow)
    9. Protect your ears from the wind
    10. Tape around the cuffs of a rain jacket to keep the water from running in your arms
    11. Protect against blisters (use on your hands or feet!) 
    12. Keep your jeans folded at your ankle so your chaps fit
    13. Use as a belt (if you forgot yours at home!)
    14. Apply to reins so beginning riders will know where to hold their hands
    15. Repair broken brushes and combs.
    16. Stick over tops of nail heads or other pointy objects in stalls, trailers or turnouts
    17. Cover the fraying end of a lead rope
    18. Place over buckles, straps etc. to help keep your horse (or his friends) from removing clothing
    19. Covering objects you don't want your horse to nibble on (electrical cords etc.)
    20. To differentiate between everybody's tack (flexible bandages come in a variety of colors!)
    21. Make a bandage (for you) in a pinch: be sure to use a tissue or gauze underneath
    22. Wrap your horses tail up to help it grow long & strong
    23. Use as headband to hold back those pesky fly aways!
    24. Cover the metal handle on water buckets during the winter to help keep your hands warm, and prevent slippage 
    25. Wire Organization; Tie that extension cord up so it won't tangle! Use multiple colors for wire identification.
So be sure to have a roll of Corona Pure-Flex with you when heading to a horse show or just hanging out in the barn with your friends!

Corona Pure-Flex™ Horse Wraps

Introducing Corona Pure-Flex™, a new kind of veterinary wrap that utilizes Microban® antimicrobial technology for powerful, continuous product protection against bacteria.

  • Made with Microban® Antimicrobial technology for added product protection against bacteria.
  • Microbe-resistant for a cleaner horse bandage
  • Provides the right amount of flexibility
  • Excellent adhesion to itself so the wrap stays in place
  • Easily torn by hand
  • Testing shows that wraps are up to 49,000x cleaner than leading competitor
  • Veterinarian Recommended


Holding a leg- or hoof-wrap together, while you you are trying to find the start of your your vet wrap ans also taping a gaping hole in the brand-new water proof turn out blanket. - See more at: http://cs.thehorse.com/blogs/alpha-mare/archive/2009/09/09/1-001-uses-for-duct-tape-for-horse-owners.aspx#sthash.snZ1MM49.dp
Gabby Gufler

Gabby Gufler

Gabby Gufler graduated from Truman State University in 2013 with a BS in Animal Science & Nutrition and a minor in Equine Science. Gabby currently works on Manna Pro’s marketing team, and enjoys competing regularly with her six horses.

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