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5 Reasons Calf-Manna Makes Sense for Horses

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Welcome to this, the first in our series of blog posts about Calf-Manna.  In each article, we'll focus on the benefits of this tried-and-true product for a different species, starting with...horses!

Would you believe that, even though Calf-Manna was originally developed for lactating cows and the name is, well, CALF-Manna, our own survey research consistently shows that over 50% of all the Calf-Manna purchased is actually fed to horses?  Why is that?  Well, because the benefits for horses are many and varied.  Here are our Top 5:

  1. High-Quality Proteins = More Growth.  Calf-Manna includes multiple sources of high-quality protein (formula is 25% protein), which provide a wide array of essential amino acids that meet the needs of your horse.  More protein equals more growth and better muscle development, important for young horses and horses in training.Calf-Manna for Horses
  2. Digestible Carbohydrates = More Energy.  Calf-Manna's digestible carbohydrates are an excellent source of energy and weight gain.  It's often used with rescue horses or horses in poor condition to add weight and keep them on feed.
  3. Anise = Palatability.  Ingredients like anise provide Calf-Manna's trademark licorice aroma, which appeals to horses in all life stages.  The great smell and taste (which go hand in hand) encourages horses to stay on feed during times of stress, which could include breeding, performance, travel, illness, or even a change in environment.
  4. Brewer's Dried Yeast = Better Digestion. Brewer's Dried Yeast improves palatability, encourages earlier and more consistent intake of dry feed, and promotes optimal digestion of other nutrients.
  5. Linseed Meal = Improved Coat Condition.  Linseed meal provides protein and oil to help add sheen and luster to your horse's coat, whether it's lost its condition due to age, season, or other unique circumstances.

Calf-Manna has been around for over 80 years and has been trusted by horse owners for generations when dealing with situations from transitioning newly waned foals to dry feed to getting performance horses show-ready, and everything in between.  Calf-Manna is sold in 10-, 25-, and 50-pound bags for different situations and applications, and is available virtually anywhere Manna Pro products are sold.  It's a great addition to any equine feeding program, as it enhances the nutritional value of any feed, even today's popular economy feeds.  The feeding rate for horses ranges from 1/2 lb per day for foals up to 2 lbs a day for performance horses and broodmares and stallions. 

What users have to say about Calf-Manna for Horses...

"Great product!  I start all my young horses on it and even some of my other animals..."

"We use it on weanlings to complement their diet of alfalfa and rolled oats.  They are shiny, healthy, and happy, grow well and perform soundly as adults."

"I still use it during spring shedding because of all the things I've used to put bloom on a horse, none are as simple to feed and get the results that Calf-Manna does."

"Not only does it make their coats awesome, show fast weight gain and improve tail condition, but it does all that fast, too!  In two weeks you can start to see the results of it."

If, in addition to horses, you have other animals (goats, cattle, pigs, rabbits, even poultry) on your place, Calf-Manna makes even more sense, as it is a great supplement with multiple benefits for all of these species.  We'll be covering those in detail in upcoming blog posts, so stay tuned!


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