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5 Reasons Lucerne Farms Forage Feeds are a Great Hay Substitute

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This year, over 25 percent of the United States has been affected by the drought. Many parts of the country are in a serious hay shortage due to the drought.  Where you can find hay, it may not be the best quality.  Forage is the most important part of your horses diet.  So, to combat the effects of the drought on hay, we offer 5 reasons to subsitute or supplement your hay supply with one of our Lucerne Farms Forage Feeds.

  1. Lucerne Farms Hay is Natural for Horses- Your horse can eat like a horse with our natural forage blends even in times of drought
  2. Consistent Nutrition and Quality Forage in Every Bag- Every bag of Lucerne Farms Forage offers a guaranteed analysis so you know exactly what you are feeding your horse.
  3. Our Forage is High Temperature Dried & Dust Extracted- drying the forage at a high temperature allows us to lock in the natural nutrition of the hay.  It is dried down below 10% moisture to eliminate harmful mold spores that can cause respiratory problems and allergies.  Blended with molasses or soybean oil, it nearly eliminates dust.
  4. Nutritionally Better than Most Hay and a Source of Daily Fiber Requirement- You can mix the forage in with your horses grain ration to help your horse chew more, create more saliva, and aid in the digestion of the grain.
  5. Cost Effective- Fed in a bucket, corner feeder or outside in a feed trough, Lucerne Farms chopped forages are easier to feed than baled hay, with little to no waste.

There are 6 blends of Lucerne Farms forage feeds to choose Hi Fiber, Hi Fiber Gold, Totally Timothy, Timothy plus Alfalfa, Alfa Supreme and our New Chris Cox Forage Blend.  All of the Lucerne Farms Forage products are grown in Maine and is a great option for times of drought, or if you are wanting to stretch your hay supply. 

We hope our forage products will help your horse eat like a horse, even in times of drought!

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