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Safeguard Against Foal Pneumonia

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The babies are coming, the babies are coming!

Foal care with Sweet PDZ Horse Stall Deodorizer

Foaling season is fast approaching, if not already in full swing for some; and so yes indeed the babies are coming. There is so much preparation to do and so many precautions to take that it can literally make your head ache and your stomach churn.  Of course one of the more serious maladies, foal pneumonia, can really do a number on your cranium and gut if you are not keenly dialed in on safeguarding against it.

Understanding what we may be faced with always helps us better prepare and deal with this illness if we are forced to deal with it. So take a couple of minutes to do a brief walk through on foal pneumonia.

Obviously a foal’s immune system is different and more fragile than that of an adult horse. This makes them more susceptible to some pretty serious respiratory system infections. Typically their system is up to the task of recognizing and quickly eliminating the uninvited pathogens. After all, the foal’s immune system is well built and set up to give them protection from the moment they awkwardly spring to life in their cozy, comfy stall. Nonetheless, they can also be immediately exposed to a multitude of pathogens and disease causing bacteria and viruses.  These microscopic and ruthless invaders are in attack mode from the get-go, and they do not typically take prisoners.  A matter of fact once they have invaded they like to reproduce and make more and more infection-causing bacteria that in turn run amuck until they overpower the immune system.

And when that happens, what you will see is heartbreaking. The foal will struggle with their breathing. They will become lethargic, be feverish, have increased mucus discharge and by in large be miserable beyond belief. Thankfully various medications and treatments do exist, but the road to recovery is always rough. That said, the most meaningful and proactive approach to safeguard your foal from pneumonia is to eliminate the environmental immune and respiratory stressors in their world. Irritants and toxic invaders such as ammonia, dust, moisture and urine in their stall environment all contribute to breaking down the hygienic conditions of your stall and barn.  Be proactive in setting up and maintaining a healthy stall environment for your new baby, by maintaining dry and fresh bedding and using Sweet PDZ Horse Stall Refresher to remove noxious ammonia and waste odors.  Also be diligent in not exposing them to other creatures that may expose them to their viruses and interloping pathogens.Sweet PDZ Horse Stall DeodorizerAdditional Resources:  If you would like to dig into more information and research various studies that have been conducted on the foal pneumonia subject, a great resource is the library and archives at http://www.thehorse.com

Also, be sure to check out how Sweet PDZ Horse Stall Refresher helped out the folks on the popular show, Designing Spaces, when they needed advise from an expert in stall care. Click here.

A big thanks to our guest blogger, Tom Menner with Sweet PDZ, for your insights on foal pneumonia.


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