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The 10 Best Things About Senior Horses

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Horse Kiss 3 resized 600A couple of weeks ago, we asked you to tell us a little something about what makes YOUR senior horse so special.  The response was overwhelming both in numbers and in the strength of the bond between a senior horse and its rider. 

Based on your input, Manna Pro has developed its own 10 Best Things About Senior Horses

  1. The memories made over miles traveled together.
  2. PDA!  Senior horses are the best when it comes to snuggling, nuzzling, kissing, and overall affection.  They're your lovebugs, and you weren't shy telling us about it!
  3. Senior horses are the best with children and other less experienced riders, always patient, gentle, and careful, never getting spooked.
  4. They're inspirational!  They've survived their fair share of illnesses, accidents, injuries, even near-death experiences, and they've survived and thrived.
  5. Senior horses have seen us at our worst, and still love us.  They've stuck with us through thick and thin, and seen us through the hardest of circumstances, divorce, death of loved ones, terrible illnesses, and more.  Many times our senior horses have provided that strong shoulder to lean on and the ability to cry without judgment.
  6. Babysitting services!  Senior horses keep the peace in the pasture.
  7. Senior horses do whatever is asked of them.
  8. The ultimate protectors.  Senior horses take care of us, physically and emotionally.
  9. Senior horses provide the love and trust that can only come from a long-term relationship.
  10. Maybe the best thing about senior horses (according to you) is that they don't seem so senior at all.  They're young at heart, playful, and eager to please, and their "been there done that" attitude makes them the most fun companion in the barn.


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