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Tips for Riding Your Horse After Labor Day

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Manna Pro offers tips for fall horseback riding

It’s the end of sweet summer and those lazy, long days, but there’s still time to enjoy good quality riding.  Even in cooler weather, your horse needs exercise, and you need the peace and joy that comes with riding.  With the season’s change comes changes in how to manage your riding time.  Here are some things to consider as you get ready for the fall.

Horseback riding is glorious in autumn.  In fact, many people believe it’s the very best season for riding because you’re out in nature where the views are beautiful. Riding trails often give you the best vantage point for enjoying the leaves as they turn various shades of orange, brown, yellow and red. 

If you’re riding in a state park, be sure to check the website for adjusted hours and whether or not permits are required.   Many state parks will close trails during the week, but open them during weekends.  Be informed on the schedule before you go to the trouble of bringing your Trail riding trips from Manna Pro horse feedhorse out for a ride.

Also, be mindful that fall brings more limited daylight hours.  For your safety, and the safety of your horse, make sure to get off the trail before the sun goes down, ideally with enough time left to properly trailer your horse if necessary.

Many public trails will not have working water fountains after Labor Day.  Bring water and snacks so that you can stay hydrated and grab a snack as needed.  Bring your horse a healthful snack so that he can get a nutritious treat for all his hard trail work. 

More frequent riding may require some simple time management tools to help you maintain a Finding time to ride your horse tips from Manna Proriding schedule.  Remember this time is good for your horse and good for you, so make riding a priority.  On Sunday evenings, take your calendar and block out your riding time for the upcoming week.  Make certain you allow enough time to saddle up your horse as well as to cool him down and clean him and his tack up at the end of the ride. Be sure to check your horse’s hooves carefully before putting him in the stall, so that you don’t miss anything in the waning sunlight.

Enjoy the beautiful change of seasons with your horse!


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