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Carolyn Adams

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Leather 101: How to Identify Quality Leather Tack

Shopping for new leather tack and saddles can be both an exciting and difficult adventure. When you invest your hard earned time and money into purchasing new gear, determining the quality of each leather item before purchasing is of utmost importance!

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Breathing New Life Into Old Leather

Despite our best intentions, sometimes regular tack cleaning falls to the bottom of our to do list leaving tack brittle, dusty or moldy! Lucky for you, tack can recover from all kinds of tragedies!

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Common Leather Care Myths from Lexol Leather Care

It's Summer! Hopefully that means you are riding more often, which means that you're probably paying closer attention to the condition of your saddle and tack. Keeping your leather in good shape isn't complicated, but can raise questions about the best way to keep these items in top condition.

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10 Ideas To Rev-Up Your Fly Control For Horses Program

Labeling flies as annoying pests is an understatement! Flies not only sting, bite, and swarm, they spread disease! So how do you get the fly situation under control?

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There’s A Fungus Among Us! (And Other Icky Horse Skin Conditions)

We’ve all been there. You go out to see your horse…and what the heck! Your buddy is looking crusty and missing hair! Horse skin conditions are a common frustration of horse owners. They can be caused by a variety of things including fungi, bacteria, and insect bites. They can be difficult to diagnose but the good news is that most common fungal, bacterial, and insect related conditions often respond to topical treatment which is great because oral systemic treatments can be extremely costly.

One type of common fungal condition is commonly mistaken as a parasitic infection due to its deceiving name. Despite its common name, Ringworm is actually a fungus which can affect multiple horses in a herd. Fungi are primitive plants which reproduce by sending out spores in moist environments. They love warm, humid areas and wet seasons.

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Using Barn Lime? Think Again. Our Friend Sweet Pea Explains Why.

 Our favorite alpha-mare from the Sweet Pea blog stopped by this week to give us the low-down on Barn Lime.  Check out what she has to say on using Barn Lime in your horses stall.

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