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Jennifer Hojnacki

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5 Reasons Calf-Manna Makes Sense for Horses

Welcome to this, the first in our series of blog posts about Calf-Manna.  In each article, we'll focus on the benefits of this tried-and-true product for a different species, starting with...horses!

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Demystifying Fly Spray Active Ingredients

According to the calendar, summer is winding down, but at least here in the midwest, the flies don't seem to have gotten the message.  Just sitting on the porch can be a workout as you swat at them, nevermind heading into the barn or pasture, or onto the trails, where flies have lots of moist environments to breed and congregate. So while you may have hoped you purchased your last fly control product in July, late August and September may find you once again in the fly spray aisle trying to figure out which product works best.

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Pinterest-Inspired Horse Love from Manna Pro

Are you on Pinterest? If not, you should really think about joining the fastest-growing social network out there, even if it's only to see some gorgeous horse photography and other horse-related "pins."

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How to Feed Horse Treats Without Forming Bad Habits

It’s so much fun to feed your horse treats!  When you give your equine friend a treat, it tells him that he is loved and appreciated.  Treats not only reward good behavior, but they can be used effectively to train your horse on new skills.  So treat away, but keep in mind there are some basic do’s with horse treats that you’ll want to consider to ensure healthy, happy treating.

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Fly Control Must-Haves to Keep Your Horse Comfortable

Hopefully you started your fly control program this summer by putting a manure control program in place and possibly even investing some time in other preventative measures (like predators and feed through methods).  But now Summer is in fully swing and if you didn't get around to everything you intended to do to keep your horse fly-free (or even if you did), there are still a number of things you can do to make the rest of the riding season as comfortable as possible for you and your horse.

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Beat the Heat with 8 Things Do With Your Horse in High Temps

Record high temperatures interfering with your plans to ride this Summer? It might not be safe to go for all-day trail rides where you live right now, but that doesn't mean you can't bond with your horse.  Here are a handful of ideas for beating the heat with your equine bff.

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