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Suzanne De Laurentis

Suzanne De Laurentis
Allen Pogue and Suzanne De Laurentis, authors of the book "The Trick Horse Companion" and owners of Imagine a Horse, have spent a quarter of a century perfecting modern trick training methods. Enlightened Trick Training is intended to increase the intelligence, adaptability and predictability of today's companion horse as well as enhance the relationship between horse and rider. http://www.imagineahorse.com/

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Horse Training Tips: Teach Your Horse To Ground Tie

Ground Tying demonstrates a high level of obedience and self control on the part of the horse. It is a skill that can be extremely useful for a working horseman, trail riding or simply as a mental exercise for a horse!

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Imagine A Mini: Miniature Horse Training Basics

If you own a miniature horse, you can successfully train with horse treats. We bet you already know how clever your miniatures are! Their cleverness combined with the fact that they’re every inch a horse makes for fun training.   

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The Horse Training Debate: To Treat Or Not To Treat?

Using treats in horse training is a controversial subject because it’s easy for the well-intended use of treats to result in bad horse manners. Treats have always been an important part of our training program at Imagine A Horse, yet we understand why many horse trainers don’t use treats.

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Horse Training Tips: Creating Emotional Soundness Using Horse Treats

Emotional Soundness is mirrored in physical soundness. While genetics and training are influencing factors in the success or failure of a performance horse’s career, it is the mind of the horse that is in complete control of the willingness and, thus performance.

Mental soundness, aptitude, behavioral patterns, trainability, breeding including ancestral behavioral tendencies all blend together to form an individual’s emotional conformation or soundness.

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Horse Training Tips: Teaching Your Horse To Stand While Mounting

“Practice Makes Perfect,” how many times have you heard that saying? Have you ever seriously considered how the concept applies to your horse? You see it all the time; horses asked to do many, many repetitions of whatever move their rider is fixated on.

Humans have the mental drive and ability to commit themselves to multiple repetitions or “practice” but do animals? Animal behavioral scientists say too many repetitions can create stress, discouragement and loss of desire to perform yet short sessions of only a few repetitions can keep a horse engaged. Adding food treats to your training also helps to keep your horse focused and willing. Read More

Shaping Behaviors: Using Horse Treats for Stretching

Shaping Behaviors is the art of soliciting and rewarding the incremental steps of a behavior we are teaching, while ignoring the incorrect responses. Shaping behaviors makes better trainers of all of us and imparts concepts of learning to our equine friends that enhance development for the rest of their lives.

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