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Calf-Manna: Why Horse Owner's Keep Coming Back

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Once in a blue moon, there is a product that stands the test of time.  It is rare indeed!  In any industry, products will go extinct as trends and needs change.  Look at Polaroid cameras and floppy disks.  Even the Twinkie almost vanished a few years ago. Gasp!   So, when I discovered that Calf-Manna ® Equine  Performance Supplement has been around for 80 years, I decided to delve into an investigation as to why Calf-Manna has been here for almost a century.

The Answer: Horse owners keep coming back to Calf-Manna because it simply works.

First, let’s take a deeper look at what Calf-Manna does for a horse. 

Whether your horse is a hard keeper, a rescue, broodmare, stallion, performance horse or suffers weight loss due to seasonal changes, sometimes a little extra energy and nutrition is needed.  Calf-Manna works because of a highly palatable formula, high-quality proteins, amino acids and digestible carbohydrates.

After speaking to numerous Calf-Manna consumers, I kept hearing similar themes such as “my mom used Calf-Manna on her horses.”   This is sometimes followed with the explanation that when they grew up and got into horses, they didn’t really think about using their parent’s product. But, then they came across that hard keeper, and they remembered: Good ole’ Calf-Manna and went back to it.

 Meet MK’s Outlaws Hancock, otherwise known as Jack. Jack_photo_collage.jpg

Mary purchased Jack with another horse-owner at 5 months old.  The co-owner kept Jack in Texas, while Mary was in Missouri.   In 2011, Mary, drove to Texas to pick up her new AQHA colt, and discovered the healthy horse she purchased, had whittled down to skin and bones. Needless to say she was shocked and devastated.  Mary conveyed that the co-owner “betrayed mine and the horse’s trust by not caring for him and allowing him to get under weight.” Jack was so frail; Mary feared he wouldn’t be able to make the 12 hour trip from Texas to Missouri on that chilly November day.  At one point in the trip, Mary thought she would lose him, “but he perked up his ears when he heard he was going home to his herd.” When she got home, Mary knew she needed to get Jack’s weight up rather quickly.   Mary, who has been around horses since childhood and had used Calf-Manna in the past, remembered that her friend feeds Calf-Manna.   She adds Calf-Manna for extra protein to her horses' diets, and her horses have a beautiful glow and healthy weight.  “I needed to find something more effective than grain and hay alone,” she explained.   At 25% protein, Calf-Manna provided Jack a wide variety of much needed amino acids.  More protein equals better and faster muscle development for Jack. Calf-Manna is also "energy dense.”  This means it delivers more calories per mouthful, which is what Jack needed. Horses require energy (feed) to fuel body functions and build fat deposits.  After just a few months on Calf-Manna, Jack was beginning to gain weight, his coat developed a shine, and the sparkle in his eye reappeared. 

Jack now is a healthy gelding who is in great company with Mary, another gelding and two mares at his new home in Missouri.  “He is the real deal when it comes to horses that came back from a bad situation and made a great comeback in life.” Looking good Jack!  


For horses like Jack, it is critical that they receive vital nutrition and gain weight because a thin horse’s body is literally eating away at tissue, fat and muscle to survive.  

The reason Calf-Manna gives real results is because Calf-Manna has the right combination of protein, carbohydrates and palatability.

  1. Provides High-Quality Protein: Calf-Manna contains a superior amount of protein, providing your horse with an array of essential amino acids. More proteins= more growth and better muscle development!
  2. Provides Digestible CarbohydratesCalf-Manna's digestible carbohydrates are an excellent source of energy, delivering more calories per mouthful. Calf-Manna is an ideal solution for horse weight gain.
  3. Improves Coat ConditionCalf-Manna contains linseed meal which provides protein and oil to help add sheen and luster to your horse's coat. 
  4. Optimizes DigestionThe Brewer's Dried Yeast in Calf-Manna encourages more consistent intake of dry feed, and promotes optimal digestion of numerous nutrients. 
  5. Highly PalatableCalf-Manna contains Anise providing a sweet smelling aroma and taste your horse will love! The great taste of Calf-Manna encourages your horse to stay on feed during times of stress like travel, illness, or environmental changes.

Mystery solved! Whether you have a newly weaned foal that is having difficultly transitioning to feed, a stallion, a broodmare in need of an energy boost, or want to enhance the nutritional value of your feed, Calf-Manna will provide the taste they'll love and the nutrition they need!

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Jennifer Serot

Jennifer Serot

Jennifer is the newest member of the Manna Pro Equine Team. She has been riding and showing dressage for 20 years and enjoys spending time with her Connemara pony. Jennifer graduated with her BSBA and MBA in Marketing from Washington University in St. Louis.


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