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Calf-Manna: Horse Owner's Keep Coming Back

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calf manna before and after.pngMeet Leighanne: Breeder, rider, trainer and owner of the beautiful Spotted Saddle and Tennessee Walking horses at her family’s boarding facility in Tennessee.   She has trained and bred dozens of horses for the past 15 years and has fed Calf-Manna® to all of her horses.  Why? It gives her the best results.  Since a large part of her business is breeding, training and selling her horses to good homes, Leighanne explained the importance of her horses looking healthy and feeling strong.

“A lot of times when we get a new horse, he is underweight and lacks muscle. We need to get that weight up and give them that glow quickly.”  She mixes Calf-Manna in feed as a daily ritual.  Has she always fed Calf-Manna?  Yes.  But, at one point she stopped, opting for other supplements.  She soon noticed that without Calf-Manna, her horses, “took at least 90 days to bulk up verses just 30 days when the horses were fed Calf-Manna.”  In addition, the horses didn’t develop the same sheen to their coat as when she fed Calf- Manna.  “Some even lost the glow,” she explained.  The foals also didn’t seem to be filing out as quickly.  It was a no-brainer to go back to Calf-Manna. 


What does a horse need to gain weight?  Calories can be contributed from carbohydrates, fats, or proteins. When a horse does not have enough calories or protein in the diet or is thin, the body will deplete the tissues including muscle, so the horse will not develop muscle as he is trying to nourish himself.      

Leighanne not only feeds Calf-Manna to the new the horses that come in for training, but she feeds it to her foals, stallions, and performance horses who are NSHHA and SSBEA champions.   Ingredients like anise provide Calf-Manna's inviting, sweet palatable aroma, which is perfect for foals that are transitioning to normal feed.  Jacked Up on Gen & Tonic, a 2012 Grey and White Tobiano foal (pictured above), benefited from Calf-Manna to help her grow into a stunning filly.  Jacked up on Gen & Tonic’s half-brother, Jacked up on Gen (pictured above), grew into a super flashy bay and white colt with the hepl of Calf-Manna.

For horses like Jacked up on Gen, it is critical that they receive vital nutrition and gain weight because a thin horse’s body is literally eating away at tissue, fat and muscle to survive.  

The reason Calf-Manna gives real results is because Calf-Manna has the right combination of protein, carbohydrates and palatability.

  1. Provides High-Quality Protein: Calf-Manna contains a superior amount of protein, providing your horse with an array of essential amino acids. More proteins = more growth and better muscle development!
  2. Provides Digestible CarbohydratesCalf-Manna's digestible carbohydrates are an excellent source of energy, delivering more calories per mouthful. Calf-Manna is an ideal solution for horse weight gain.
  3. Improves Coat ConditionCalf-Manna contains linseed meal which provides protein and oil to help add sheen and luster to your horse's coat. 
  4. Optimizes DigestionThe Brewer's Dried Yeast in Calf-Manna encourages more consistent intake of dry feed, and promotes optimal digestion of numerous nutrients. 
  5. Highly PalatableCalf-Manna contains Anise providing a sweet smelling aroma and taste your horse will love! The great taste of Calf-Manna encourages your horse to stay on feed during times of stress like travel, illness, or environmental changes.

 Whether you have a newly weaned foal that is having difficultly transitioning to feed, a stallion, a broodmare in need of an energy boost, or want to enhance the nutritional value of your feed, Calf-Manna will provide the taste they'll love and the nutrition they need!

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Jennifer Serot

Jennifer Serot

Jennifer is the newest member of the Manna Pro Equine Team. She has been riding and showing dressage for 20 years and enjoys spending time with her Connemara pony. Jennifer graduated with her BSBA and MBA in Marketing from Washington University in St. Louis.


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