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Equine Joint Supplements 101: How Much Glucosamine is Enough?

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joint_1.pngEven though we know more is not necessarily better, it is tempting to pick a horse joint supplement with a really high glucosamine number on the label and not look any further. But why is that not the best approach to your horse’s joint health?

When we want the best for our horse, sometimes it is hard to see that more is not better.  Horse’s bodies are designed to process the nutrients in their food to make the building blocks their joints need to cushion and lubricate the joint.  When there is an upset in the system due to injury, aging, diet or genetic factors, the system breaks down and joint discomfort associated with normal daily exercise results.

Three Tips For Choosing A Quality Horse Joint Supplement:

  1. Look For A High Quality Glucosamine Source: Glucosamine is the joint building block that provides the cushioning for the joint.  It is most commonly derived from a sea mussel. There are varying qualities of this ingredient. As you may have guessed more glucosamine often equals cheaper, low quality glucosamine. Make sure the supplement label shows 99%+ purity. Ensuring high purity glucosamine is the first important point.
  2. Know Your Glucosamine Carriers: The second important point is the carrier for your glucosamine. When you give your horse a glucosamine supplement it has another ingredient attached which carries it into the body. This carrier takes up space and replaces some of the glucosamine claimed on the label. The less expensive brands use large carriers. Look for product with glucosamine HCl, this will give you over 28% more glucosamine, compared to other larger carriers.
  3. Look For All Three Joint Building Blocks: The third important point is to choose a complete product with all three joint building blocks and a proven delivery system. Glucosamine is the joint cushion, chondroitin sulfate gives elasticity, and hyaluronic acid lubricates the joint. All are necessary for complete joint support. With joint disorder comes decreased circulation and increased free radical activity. These symptoms need to be overcome for the joint building blocks to be delivered. The best horse joint supplement is complete with glucosamine HCl, chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic acid, and a delivery system with ingredients to support a normal inflammatory response, increased circulation, and anti-oxidant activity.  

 Manna Pro Rapid Flex®

Rapid Flex® joint supplement for horses is clinically proven complete, physiologically balanced, and is university tested:

  • 99%+ glucosamine HCl
  • Chondroitin Sulfate
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Patented Herbal Delivery System with;
    • Anti-inflammatories- Yucca, Black Cohosh, Cayenne
    • Anti-oxidants- Turmeric, Ginger, Devil’s Claw, Alfalfa
    • Circulatory Stimulants- Nettle, Celery Seed

Rapid Flex® is a Patented Joinrapid.jpgt Protection system that is so powerful, two of the ingredients, Cayenne and Devil’s Claw, are prohibited by USEF during shows. Discontinue Rapid Flex at least two weeks before showing.

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Rebecca Rose

Rebecca Rose

Is a biochemist, product developer, and author of three patents on treating joint disorders. Rebecca is the president of In Clover, Inc., a company dedicated to providing whole health solutions to animals.


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