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Fly Control Must-Haves to Keep Your Horse Comfortable

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Hopefully you started your fly control program this summer by putting a manure control program in place and possibly even investing some time in other preventative measures (like predators and feed through methods).  But now Summer is in fully swing and if you didn't get around to everything you intended to do to keep your horse fly-free (or even if you did), there are still a number of things you can do to make the rest of the riding season as comfortable as possible for you and your horse.

  1. Fly Spray. This old stand-by is the most commonly used method for controlling flies on your horse because it's available everywhere and so easy to carry and use.  Manna Pro offers equine fly spray in many forms ProductLineup.pngincluding ready-to-use sprays, more economical concentrates, and even an all natural fly spray under the Calm Coat brand name. Even if you have a comprehensive fly control program for your barn and premises, you'll want to have fly spray on hand for trail rides and other activities away from "home."
  2. Fly Mask. By far the most annoying flies for horses are those that land and stay their faces.  The surest way to keep your horse's face free of these pests is with a fly mask.  Manna Pro recommends a Pro-Force Mask or Opti-Force Fly Mask for their durability, protection, and the fact that they offer your horse full visibility while wearing them. Kensington masks come in many colors and patterns, resist fading and soiling, and are mildew resistent. MASK CALLOUT PRO FORCE.png
  3. Fly traps. Among the most cost-efficient way to keep flies at bay, sticky fly paper and jar traps do a great job and can be added to your fly control program any time, even as Summer winds down.
  4. Maintenance.  Even if you checked the barn earlier this Summer for fly breeding areas and took other steps to keep the population down, now might be a good time to retrace your steps and check again.  With your barn in heavy use all Summer long, screens may have been torn, traps or bait stations may have fallen into disrepair, and vegetation around the barn (which flies love) may have crept up again.  

Good Luck!



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