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Horse Grooming Tips: How to Keep Your Horse Sparkling Clean

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horse grooming suppliesThe biggest challenge to showing horses is how to keep them fresh, sparkling, and shiny clean before a show!  When a horse show is on the horizon, we step up the grooming routine, give our horse a thorough bath, and then do a lot of finger crossing that he can stay clean until our first class.  With these tips, it’s easy!  Just a little bit of planning and the best tools and your horse will stay sparkling clean and shiny for the show.

It’s best to do your clipping at least a week or longer before the show.  This gives the freshly clipped areas some time to even out, blend a bit, and even become a more “normal” color.  Chestnuts can be pumpkin colored and bays can be mousy if the clipping is fresh.  For shows in the summer, it’s common to only clip lower legs, ears, and muzzles, sometimes faces.  In the winter, it’s customary to clip the whole horse.  Either way, you want your clipping to be natural looking and easy.  Start with a clean horse, sharp clipper blades. 

Just before the show, plan on a bath with Corona Concentrated Horse Shampoo!  Use your pimple mitt or jelly scrubber to work the shampoo into your horse’s coat.  A thorough rinsing will help deter the post bath “itchies”.   If you bathe too closely to show time, your horse’s natural oils may not have enough time to come back, so one or two days before your first class is ideal. 

Now that you have a spotless horse, time to keep him that way!  Think of this process as creating a barrier between the world and his clean coat.  Lots of ways to do this:

  • Use Corona Detangler and Shine Spray right away after a bath.  This acts like a dirt raincoat, so any new stains or dust will slide away easily.  You may need to apply daily until your show!  Using a soft brush to work the product into his coat will help you achieve even distribution, and you can also check for missed spots as you brush.  Using this spray directly on a brush and then brushing it into your horse is a great way to safely apply product to sensitive areas, like the face, ears, and the belly. 
  • Let your horse roll after a bath. You know he wants to, so just make it the cleanest roll you possibly can!  Toss a thicker fly sheet or thin cotton sheet on him, and let him roll in a pile of fresh shavings instead of turning him out naked into his regular paddock.  Between the Corona Detangler and Shine Spray and the sheet, you should be good to go! 
  • Use a nylon hoodie if the weather is cool enough to keep your horse’s neck and face clean.  These have the added bonus of keeping the mane tamed to one side, which makes braiding on show day that much easier!
  • Don’t neglect fly and mosquito control!  Bugs and flies will often entice your horse to roll more!  Use a proper fly and mosquito spray to keep your horse comfortable.  Safe application includes using a mitt or soft cloth to apply to your horse’s ears and head area. 
  • Invest in some extra curry comb sessions.  This will bring up his natural oils that will help make stains easy to wipe away.  When used in conjunction with a detangler and shine product, any new stains simply wipe away with a damp cloth. 
  • Spend extra time cleaning your horse’s paddock and stall!  Fresh bedding before a show is always helpful.  This reduces the chance of new stains.  A fresh stall is also easier to clean, which will save you time on the day that you are packing and loading up to travel to the show!
  • If you do find stains or dirt on your horse, curry them as best you can.  Then follow up with a wet washcloth and some Corona Detangler and Shine Spray.  You can also spot shampoo with a tiny drop of Corona Concentrated Horse Shampoo on a wash rag.  For dusty horses, a good curry session always helps, and a vacuum if you have one!

When show day comes around, your sparkling clean horse will free up some time so that you can focus on your job in the saddle!

Corona Detangler & Shine is a must-have for your horse grooming supplies!

  • corona1Provides sun protection to help prevent the sun bleaching of manes and tails

  • Quickly loosens tangles and leaves a soft, smooth, and shiny finish

  • Helps repel dust, dirt, and stains to keep your horse looking its best

  • Lovely Blooming Meadow Scent

Liv Gude

Liv Gude

The founder of Proequinegrooms.com. After many years of grooming several Olympians, Liv saw the need to bring Professional Grooms of all disciplines together in a supportive, informative community in an effort to acknowledge them as skilled individuals, deserving of all the rights and respect that other professionals earn. Proequinegrooms.com is also dedicated to sharing grooming knowledge and horsemanship skills to horse lovers everywhere.

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