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How Feed Through Fly Control Works

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Horse owners know just how pesky flies can be. Not only are these insects a nuisance to your horses and stable but they also transmit a slew of diseases and can greatly disrupt the health of your horse. While completely eradicating flies from your horse’s environment may be impossible, horse owners can be successful at drastically reducing fly population through the inclusion of feed through fly controls. It’s most efficient to take a multi-step fly control approach to protect your horses from the harmful consequences of these flying pests.


Veterinarians agree that an essential piece to fly control management is providing your horse a feed through supplement daily. There are two types of feed through fly controls: pesticide and herbal. Pesticidal feed through fly controls contain insect growth regulators to help eradicate flies in manure by keeping fly eggs from hatching. Herbal feed through fly controls have the same end goal—reducing the fly population from a horse’s environment—but they do so without the chemicals in pesticidal feed through fly controls. Instead, herbal feed through fly controls use ingredients that are natural repellants, such as garlic.


Nature’s Force Bug Clear is a powerful, herbal feed through fly control and is a must-have product in your stable. Nature’s Force Bug Clear works from the inside out. Garlic is a natural, powerful repellent for flies and Nature’s Force Bug Clear uses the perfect amount to repel flies from your horse, without an overpowering smell. Garlic helps to reduce inflammation and act as an insect repellent producing odors that deter. Paired with grapeseed extract, a powerful antioxidant that helps protect against tissue damage; turmeric, which soothes the skin, relieves itching and contains natural support to immune health; and Thiamine and Niacin, two vitamins that are essential to healthy metabolic function, Nature’s Force Bug Clear is the complete package for fly protection and keeping your horse’s skin healthy from painful bites or wounds caused by pests.


Horse owners are encouraged to pair feed through fly controls with other fly control products such as wipes, masks, sprays, traps and fans. Additionally, keeping stables clean and dry aid in the reduction of fly population. Remove manure from stables regularly, replace stall bedding, manage tall weeds & grass and eliminate standing water.

 -Dr. Rob McCoy, Nutritionist 



Dr Rob McCoy

Rob McCoy was born and raised in south central Kansas. He attended Kansas State University earning his B.S. degree in Agriculture (Animal Science and Industry) in 1990 and his M.S. degree in 1992. Following graduation from K-State, Rob continued his graduate work at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and earned his Ph. D. in 1996. Rob joined Manna Pro in 1997 as an Animal Nutritionist. He is currently Vice President, Nutrition and Quality Assurance for the company. He is a member of the American Society of Animal Science; American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists; Equine Science Society; and the Nutrition Council of the American Feed Industry Association.


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