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How To Save Time Horse Grooming & Cleaning Tack

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It’s easy to feel rushed at the barn, we have so much going on.  We often skip steps in our grooming and tack care routines to rush off to the next event! But what if there was a way to save time without skimping on the important chores? A little creativity and some multi-tasking can get the job done and give you some precious minutes - to be used for horse quality time, of course! 

  1. Maintain a meticulous stall.  An easy grooming routine begins with the cleanest horse you can create, and that starts in the stall.  You may need to pick more often or use fine shavings or wood pellets under your regular bedding to absorb more moisture.  You can also bank the walls, and pull down fresh shavings daily to help prevent the big stains.
  2. When your horse is left to his own devices, make sure he’s wearing a fly sheet, cotton sheet, rain sheet, or blanket.  Creating a physical barrier repels stains and keeps clean horses spiffy until you see them again.
  3. Let your horse become oily!  A high quality diet with a correct balance of Omega fatty acids creates a healthy coat.  Combine that with Corona Detangler and Shine applied to your horse’s coat and you will create a slippery, stain resistant surface.  Stains will slide away with some elbow grease and a warm wash cloth. 
  4. Use both hands for grooming.   A curry comb in each hand makes fast work of loosening hairs and dirt.  You still need to run your fingers over your horse to check for swellings, heat, bugs, and wounds.  You can also use a stiffer brush in one hand and a soft brush in the other to go over your horse.  This will feel weird at first, but you will get the hang of it!
  5. Have good horse grooming supplies!  High quality natural hair brushes are wonderful.  Make sure they are clean -otherwise you are using dirt to remove dirt.  Hoof picks with attached brushes make fast work of picking hooves and removing dirt on the outside of the hoof.
  6.  As you are tacking up, have duplicates of commonly used items like boots, polo wraps, and saddle pads so that you don’t need to brush any dried sweat or dirt away.  Use your spares as the dirty horse stuff is in the wash.  A handy excuse to do some horse shopping!
  7. To save time cleaning tack, always dunk your horse’s bit into some water when you get back to the barn.  This means no scraping when you are cleaning tack!
  8. Use NEW Lexol 3-in1 Leather Care tack cleaner on a daily basis to clean, condition, and protect your leather goods.  One step with three results.  Lexol 3-in-1 actually has UV protection added, to help protect your saddle and bridle from long term damage.
  9. Have good tack cleaning tools.  A double sided sponge is great for gently removing crusted on sweat and dirt from leather.  Toothbrushes are great for cleaning around buckles, and a simple washrag can wipe everything down.
  10. When storing your saddle and bridle, use a saddle cover and tuck your bridle away in a cabinet or bridle bag.  This prevents any barn dust from finding a home on your tack. 

These tips will save you time, so you are free to spend it with your favorite horse!

Check Out the Corona 2 Step Horse Grooming System!

Step 1: Bathe your horse with  Corona Concentrated Shampoo

  • pH balanced and gentle enough for daily use
  • Lanolin-protein enriched for a stronger mane and tail
  • Over 125 washes per 32 oz. bottle and 400 washes per 3L bottle!
  • Voted the best horse shampoo by the Horse Journal

Step 2: Spritz your horse with Corona Detangler & Shine

  • Acts as a UV barrier to help prevent the sun-bleaching of manes and tails.
  • Quickly loosens tangles and leaves a soft, smooth, and shiny finish.
  • Helps repel dust, dirt, and stains to keep your horse looking its best!


Liv Gude

Liv Gude

The founder of Proequinegrooms.com. After many years of grooming several Olympians, Liv saw the need to bring Professional Grooms of all disciplines together in a supportive, informative community in an effort to acknowledge them as skilled individuals, deserving of all the rights and respect that other professionals earn. Proequinegrooms.com is also dedicated to sharing grooming knowledge and horsemanship skills to horse lovers everywhere.

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