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Pack Like A Pro: Horse Trailer Packing Tips

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What should you pack in your horse trailer to ensure you have everything you need for your first show of the year? When you attend close to 20 shows a year (like us!) ensuring you have all the equipment you need is of utmost importance. 

Here are some of the items we like to pack and prepare for our first show: 

  • Clean Water & Feed Buckets: When we are preparing for our first show of the year I line up all of our feed and water buckets in a sunny area and check them for damage. I then take a wand sprayer mixed with diluted bleach and Corona Learn More-1spray them all inside and out, then scrub with a brush, rinse out with a hose and turn them upside down to dry.

We try to do this after every show if possible. We take every bucket and tightly wrap the J hooks that connect the handle to the bucket with electrical tape to prevent our animals from catching their skin or blankets on the buckets. I've seen many ponies and horses rip their eyelids or mouths or even their flanks on the J hook of water and feed buckets that weren't wrapped.

  • Water heater: No one likes cold water on their face on a brisk spring morning! When we are at the shows and preparing for our classes we wipe the faces, eyes, and ears of our animals down with a warm wet rag. To make warm water we carry a 1000 watt bucket heater with us and dilute the hot water with enough cold water to make it comfortable to touch. We also add a splash of minty mouthwash to the bucket with the warm water to help kill any germs and make a nice smell.
  • Hoof Dressing: We use a foam sanding block from the hardware store to smooth the outside of hooves before applying hoof polish (we like Hoof-Heal). Shiny healthy feet are happy feet (which the judges appreciate!) 
  • Horse Grooming Supplies: We apply a small amount of baby oil gel to add instant shine and expression around the faces of our halter horses. It is best to buy a good name brand that is extra thick to keep it from running and to apply it at the last minute before you enter the ring. You should wipe it off as soon as your class is over because the gel can cause sunburn if the animal gets into the sun.

For an extra shiny coat we apply Corona Detangler & Shine. Simply spritz it onto your horse's coat and rub it in with a cloth or soft brush. This will also help prevent dust from the arena and aisle ways to accumulate on your horse's coat. 

  • Horse First-Aid Kit: Packing horse first-aid supplies is very important for preparation in emergency situations!  CLICK HERE to see some of the most important items to pack in your kit. 
  • Halters: Even if you know every animal that is traveling has their own halter and lead, ALWAYS bring extras! You will never know when you may misplace one, or when you will need to help a fellow competitor catch their loose horse. You can never be too prepared!
  • Electrolytes & Probitoics: Travel and stress comes hand in hand when hauling horses no matter how much you try to make the journey comfortable for them. Pack a good amount of horse electrolytes and probiotics to ensure they stay hydrated, and all systems are functioning like they should! We prefer  Opti-Zyme Probiotic Supplement. 


    Safe Travels! 

Check Out the Corona 2 Step Grooming System!

Step 1: Bathe your horse with  Corona Concentrated Horse Shampoo

  • pH balanced and gentle enough for daily use
  • Lanolin-protein enriched for a stronger mane and tail
  • Over 125 washes per 32 oz. bottle and 400 washes per 3L bottle!
  • Voted the best horse shampoo by the Horse Journal

Step 2: Spritz your horse with Corona Detangler & Shine

  • Acts as a UV barrier to help prevent the sun-bleaching of manes and tails.
  • Quickly loosens tangles and leaves a soft, smooth, and shiny finish.
  • Helps repel dust, dirt, and stains to keep your horse looking its best!

CORONA_CTA_1-1 Happy Grooming! 

Brooke Smith

Brooke Smith

Brooke Smith is a licensed Steward for the American Shetland Pony Club and American Miniature Horse Registry with over 10 years experience in showing and breeding American Paint horses, ponies, and miniatures. She works as a full time groom and splits her time between her ranch in Texas and her fiance's home in London, England.


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