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The Power of Coconut Meal for Horses

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Why would you feed coconut to your horse? In addition to being Non-GMO and organic, there are multiple benefits!

Coconut Meal Benefits:

  • Fat from Medium Chain Triglycerides
  • Sustained Energy
  • Digestive Support
  • Low Sugar/Low Starch

Breaking down where the ingredient comes from:

The coconut meal that is used in Renew Gold Equine Supplement is the result of the extraction of part of the natural oil found in the inner meat of the coconut. It isn’t the same as the flakes used for baking cookies during the holidays!

All fats are not created equal!

Coconut oil falls into a category known as medium chain triglycerides (MCT), or saturated fats. Something to note is that many of the other types of saturated fats in products are from animal fat, and not proper to use for horse feeds. So, what’s the difference in fats? The “medium” refers to the chain length of the fatty acids. Oils can be a short chain, medium chain, or long chain fatty acid.  The medium chains are more rapidly absorbed and metabolized verses the longer chain triglycerides which are found in other non-animal saturated fats like vegetable oil olive oil, corn oil, and soy oil. Coconut is unique in that rather than being stored for fat like the longer chains, the body converts the MCT’s found in coconut meal into fuel for muscles.


The saturated fat from coconut meal is digested directly into the blood providing energy. This is superior to other fat sources which convert to fat instead of energy. Being absorbed into the blood is beneficial because this gives a much quicker energy response. But we aren’t really looking to give our horse a quick burst of energy and then have them crash!  The coconut meal in Renew Gold is blended with stabilized rice bran and high omega-3 fatty acids from flax, which gives an even, smooth and wide energy flow to the horse.  So, why would you choose coconut energy over other energy sources? Because coconut oil is so energy dense, it yields about 2 times more energy than starch or protein. Sounds like a good reason to give coconut meal a try, doesn't it?


A unique aspect of the medium chain triglycerides (MCT) in coconut meal is its significant, clinically proven anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory properties.  The MCT that is in coconut meal is called lauric acid, which has strong antimicrobial effects. Actually, coconut oil is nature’s most abundant source of lauric acid (50%), followed by human breast milk (6% -10%)!  Pretty miraculous!

Low Sugar Low Starch

Finally, coconut meal contains less than 2% starch, so it is less likely to cause starch related issues such as tying up and laminitis.  Also, the nutritional composition suggests that the fiber in coconut meal is similar to pasture grasses!

As you can see, there is more to coconut meal in equine nutrition than meets the eye.  

To learn more about Renew Gold and CoolStance®  Coconut Meal, Click Here!



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