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Stable Management: Beat Winter Stall Boredom

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Whether a horse is in training, in recovery from a medical condition or injury, or because of an owner's change of circumstances, most horses will spend at least some time residing in a stall. While most horses can transition from a pasture to barn life with ease, the adjustment can be stressful for many equines. What can we do to make the transition stress free as possible?

Try putting your horse in a pasture for half of the day, and a stall in the other have to try to wean him off his pasture time. If the horse is recovering from an injury; try to put one of his pasture buddies in the stall next door so they can see each other. Horses are herding animals, and can find comfort in companionship. 

How long the stall adjustment takes varies from horse to horse, but with a little patience you will find most horses can successfully acclimate to life in the barn! 

Preparing The Perfect Stable Environment: For most horses, this means a stall that is tall and wide enough for comfort and movement, and fresh clean bedding at all times. It is also necessary for horses to get out of their stalls as frequently as possible such as being turned out every day, ridden every day, or even walked around the barn for a few minutes every day. If everyday is not possible, it should happen at least three or four times a week. CLICK HERE to see other ways you can make your horse's stall more comfortable for your equine. 

Horses in barns tend to be prone to respiratory infections from dust and mold allergies making fresh available air very important! Opening windows to the outdoors will help promote natural air flow. In the summer placing fans over doors or windows can also help boost air circulation and will help keep flies at bay. 

Sweet PDZ Horse Stall Refresher is a safer option to barn lime to help eliminate ammonia odors in your barn. CLICK HERE to learn more about Sweet PDZ. 

Teach You Horse New Tricks: In your free time, teaching your horses something new this winter will not only help stimulate your horse's thinking skills but yours too! CLICK HERE to learn how you can use horse treats effectively and responsibly to teach your horse new tasks in our FREE video series Train With Trust featuring behavior training expert Suzanne De Laurentis. 

Hay Nets: Horses are intended to roam throughout the day continually grazing vegetation. Simulating this environment to the best of our abilities is very important! One thing we can do is utilize some form of a hay net to help slow our horses hay consumption rate and keep him "grazing" for a more extended period of time. Plus, this can help keep him busy for part of the day to avoid boredom. Be sure to hang it safely! You do not want your horse to get his leg or neck caught in any part the hay net. 

Toys For Horses: When your horse must spend time in his stall, horse toys can help keep your horse busy, develop his problem solving skills, and help avoid stall vices such as horse cribbing, stall weaving, or wood chewing. The trick is to find the toy capable of capturing and sustaining your horse's attention! 

The Likit Challenge System is designed to grade the different levels of challenge each of our toys will offer your horse. Studies have shown that environment enrichment works best when animals are challenged to reach their goal: 

Challenge Level: Low: Our entry level product, The Likit Likit Hdr Red (3).jpgHolder has a low level of challenge so is ideal for horses that have never used Likits before as it gives them a gentle introduction to the product range.


Challenge Level Medium: The medium challenge level features the Snak-A-Ball and the Tongue Twister. The Snack-A-snak a ball and tongue.jpgBall is suitable for horses and ponies and can be used indoor or out. The Tongue Twister is designed to be fixed to a wall at wither height and is ideal for horses in smaller stables or for those that tend to "spook" easily.

Challenge LevelRed Boredom Breaker Chestnut Horse.jpg High: The Boredom Breaker is one of our more challenging toys and is ideal for experienced Likit users or horses that are particularly motivated by food. 


likit boredom buster.jpg


Challenge Level High+: The ultimate challenge for your horse is our Boredom Buster. Not only does it swing as your horse licks but it also spins; doubling the level of difficulty. Ideal for horses who really LOVE Likits!


So whether your horse needs to spend some time in a stall for training, illness, injury, or inclement weather, ensuring their environment is stimulating, clean, and safe is of utmost importance! 

Want to give Likit Activity Toys a try? CLICK HERE to find a retailer carrying Likit near you and see the below video to watch Likit Toys For Horses In Action: 


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Gabby Gufler

Gabby Gufler

Gabby Gufler graduated from Truman State University in 2013 with a BS in Animal Science & Nutrition and a minor in Equine Science. Gabby currently works on Manna Pro’s marketing team, and enjoys competing regularly with her six horses.

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