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Pack Like A Pro: Horse Trailer Packing Tips

What should you pack in your horse trailer to ensure you have everything you need for your first show of the year? When you attend close to 20 shows a year (like us!) ensuring you have all the equipment you need is of utmost importance. 

Here are some of the items we like to pack and prepare for our first show: 

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Groom Like A Pro: Experts Share Horse Grooming Secrets

I work for a training facility that specializes in showing horses in halter, which means appearance is everything! We attend close to 20 shows each year between March and October in many states, often taking 15 or more animals to each show. At the National level, classes can contain 60+ animals so you'd better believe that small details can make a huge difference in how you place!

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Breaking Bad: How To Break In Your New Leather Tack

Everyone loves new tack!  It’s gorgeous, it’s super clean, but it is also stiff and uncomfortable. So how do you turn your new tack from standing up on it’s own to being comfortable for your horse?  Easy.  A few simple steps and some patience. 

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An Eventing Groom’s Tips for Keeping Flies Away from Your Horse

 Summertime calls for the onslaught of the flying armies. Flies, mosquitos, horse flies – you name it, they’re coming out in full force.    As a professional eventing groom, I have to make sure the horses are not concentrating on the buzzing creatures around them, but on the task at hand: the ride  .
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Summer's Most Deadly Threat To You and Your Horse

For horse owners, summer is the time for baths, early rides to beat the heat and grazing.  Unfortunately, it is also the season of the dreaded fly!  Yes, flies can be quite the pests.  But, did you know there is another dangerous offender lurking around you and your horse?  The perpetrator is the mosquito.
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How To Save Time Horse Grooming & Cleaning Tack

It’s easy to feel rushed at the barn, we have so much going on.  We often skip steps in our grooming and tack care routines to rush off to the next event! But what if there was a way to save time without skimping on the important chores?

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