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Stable Thinking


Go To Your Room! Tips on Keeping Your Horse on Stall Rest

No matter how lucky you may be, odds are, you will need to keep a horse on stall rest at some point in your equestrian career. While it may seem like a major ordeal, with the right amount of planning stall rest doesn’t need to be difficult.

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The Underweight Senior Horse: A Before + After Rescue Story

Is your senior horse receiving the nutrition he needs?   When a horse is in his senior years, it can be even more difficult for him to maintain or gain weight due to many factors such as loss of ability to chew and loss of muscle mass due to normal aging.  The heartwarming story shared by Janis, demontrates what tender love, care and the right nutrition can do for some friends in need!

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Are Low Starch Horse Feeds Really Necessary?

We always hear fellow riders and companies telling us the importance of keeping our horses on a low starch and low sugar diet, but is it really necessary or is this just a trend? 

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Is Your Horse Prone To Osteoarthritis?

Joint problems in horses can be debilitating and unfortunately, affects many horses as they age. When you think of Osteoarthritis, you may think of a human ailment: our knees aching in the morning, tightness getting out of bed, stiffness in our ankles.  Well, horses suffer from this as well, and it can be painful and debilitating to a horse’s over all well-being and career, if he is a performance horse. 

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The Power Couple: Max-E Glo + Calf-Manna

It can be difficult and confusing to find products to safely supplement your horse for weight maintenance.  Finding the right combination can be challenging when it comes to equine nutrition because there are so many options and not everything works well together.  Fortunately, when used together, Max-E-Glo Stabilized Rice Bran and Calf-Manna provide a great balance to maximize nutrition and performance.  

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The Power of Coconut Meal for Horses

Why would you feed coconut to your horse? In addition to being Non-GMO and organic, there are multiple benefits!

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