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5 Reasons Calf-Manna Makes Sense for Horses

Welcome to this, the first in our series of blog posts about Calf-Manna.  In each article, we'll focus on the benefits of this tried-and-true product for a different species, starting with...horses!

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Feeding Horses When Hay and Pasture are Limited

Grazing and long-stem hay are the backbone of most horse feeding programs.  Horses are designed to be fueled by good quality roughage and our pastures and baled hay provide much of what they need.  Drought conditions exact a heavy toll on pastures and make hay hard to find.  Here are a few tips to extend your hay supply when good quality forage is limited.

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Why Stabilized Rice Bran Is Better Than Raw Rice Bran for Horses

Did you know that not all rice brans are not created equal?  Do you know the difference between stabilized rice bran and raw rice bran?  Raw rice bran products are available for purchase at a lower cost, but horse owners need to be aware of significant dangers that can result from feeding raw rice bran.

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Top 5 Benefits of Stabilized Rice Bran for Horses

If you're like most horse owners, you've read or heard something (or maybe a lot of things) about the benefits of fat in an equine diet and how Stabilized Rice Bran (SRB) is a great way to get it.  Well, the rumors are true; high-fat diets have been shown to be very effective for horses as a safe and efficient way of delivering the energy they need.

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The Scoop On Stabilized Rice Bran For Horses

Most of us have come across Stabilized Rice Bran, either at the feed store, online, or in chatting with other horse owners but have questioned how or why you would incorporate it into your horse’s feeding program.  We get many questions from horse owners inquiring what the benefits of Stabilized Rice Bran are or how they can feed it.  So to answer your questions, I interviewed Dr. Rob McCoy, Manna Pro’s Nutritionist, to get the real scoop on SRB:

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Horse Feed Management Tips

Did you know that you could easily spend almost $1,000 a year per horse for horse feed?  That’s quite a chunk of change so its important to set up a feed management program that will help you avoid wastage, and most importantly, ensure a fresh supply of grain for your horses.  Test out a few of the following strategies in your barn to get the most out of your feeding program:

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