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Winter Horse Trail Riding Tips

Dreaming of riding your horses in winter snow? With the help of some equipment and these handy tips, you and your horse can enjoy the beautiful winter weather!

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Ask the Farrier: Horse Founder

Corrective hoof care is a must for the foundered horse.

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Hidden Dangers: Keeping Horse Founder at Bay

As horse owners, we can all appreciate the sight of horses grazing on a lush green pasture! But there are dangers that can lurk in those lush pastures. A common cause of laminitis in horses is the beautiful green grasses of spring and summer.

What is Laminitis?

Laminitis in horses is a painful inflammation of the tissue within the foot that connects the hoof wall to the coffin bone. In severe cases, the coffin bone inside the hoof tears away from the hoof wall and rotates downward. This rotation is called horse founder.

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When considering diets for horses that are laminitic (horses prone to founder or already foundered), there are two distinct types of horses: those who founder due to a change in diet and those who founder due to other causes (colic, hormonal imbalance, etc.).

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No Hoof No Horse! 8 Spring Horse Hoof Care Tips

Spring is almost upon us! Soon horses will be shedding their winter coats, and kicking up their heels in the delight of the warmer weather. For equestrians this means the start of show season, trail riding, and more hours of sunlight to enjoy time in the saddle.

Although this is a very joyful time of year, spring brings it's own set of horse hoof challenges. For horses living outside, the wet conditions of spring can lead to thrush, lost shoes, hoof bruising, abscesses, frog sloughing, and much more.

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6 Winter Horse Hoof Problems Prevention Tips

Healthy hooves are vital to ensuring your horse is active and sound. Although horses adapt well to cold, snow and ice prove to be hazardous obstacles when it comes to horse hoof care. Prevent injuries to your horse's hooves this winter by following these simple tips!

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Build a Better Hoof Part 3 -- Spotting and Treating Common Problems

If you read Part 2 of our Build a Better Hoof blog series, then you know that the most important basic hoof care measure you can take (according to most experts) is to regularly pick your horse's feet with a hoof pick.  In addition to the obvious benefits of picking (removing debris and irritants), this daily practice gives you the opportunity to detect anything out of the ordinary in your horse and treat it before it becomes a major problem.

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