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Stable Thinking


10 Things You Can Do With Your Horse (Besides Horseback Riding)

What can you do with your horse without riding you say? Well quite a bit actually! Here are some useful and productive things you can do with your horse without sitting in a saddle:  Read More

Breathing Heavy: Looking at Heaves

We have all had a hard time catching our breath from time to time, but can you imagine if that happened on a consistent basis?

For horses with heaves, a disease much like asthma in humans, difficulties in breathing is a fact of life. And, much like asthma, we can’t cure it for our horses, but we can help to manage the symptoms… and for our horses, that is a breath of sweet relief.

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Time to Shine! 5 Tips for a Shiny Coat

 There is nothing like a stunning horse with a beautiful shiny coat, not only because it looks amazing, but it is the indication of a healthy horse.  Did you know a dull, lackluster coat could be  a sign of nutritional deficiencies?

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Winter Horse Trail Riding Tips

Dreaming of riding your horses in winter snow? With the help of some equipment and these handy tips, you and your horse can enjoy the beautiful winter weather!

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10 Horse Gifts: Every Horse's Christmas Wish List

What can you get the horse that has everything for Christmas? The first thing that comes to mind is of course FOOD related, but what is something unique and fun to give this Christmas? Check out the below horse gift ideas for items we know your horse will LOVE:

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25 Brilliant Uses For Flexible Horse Wraps

Believe it or not flexible horse bandages can fix many problems you may encounter on your farm or even on the trail! So when you are feeling a little crafty or your wallet is looking thin, keep these handy horse wrap uses in mind:

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