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Stable Thinking


The Underweight Senior Horse: A Before + After Rescue Story

Is your senior horse receiving the nutrition he needs?   When a horse is in his senior years, it can be even more difficult for him to maintain or gain weight due to many factors such as loss of ability to chew and loss of muscle mass due to normal aging.  The heartwarming story shared by Janis, demontrates what tender love, care and the right nutrition can do for some friends in need!

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From Stall to Garden: look at composting manure

Once the weather warms up, a swarm of flies around the manure pile is a common sight. Not only is this annoying and unhygienic… but it feels like there must be another way. So what is it? What can we do with manure?

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Meet Pro-Rider Niki Clarke

Meet Niki Clarke, Manna Pro Pro-Rider, and Grand Prix dressage rider to watch! What does it take to be top level? Plus insider training tips to keep her beautiful horses focused in the ring. 

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Calf-Manna: Horse Owner's Keep Coming Back

Meet Leighanne: Breeder, rider, trainer and owner of the beautiful Spotted Saddle and Tennessee Walking horses at her family’s boarding facility in Tennessee.   She has trained and bred dozens of horses for the past 15 years and has fed Calf-Manna® to all of her horses.  Why? It gives her the best results.  Since a large part of her business is breeding, training and selling her horses to good homes, Leighanne explained the importance of her horses looking healthy and feeling strong.

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Breathing Heavy: Looking at Heaves

We have all had a hard time catching our breath from time to time, but can you imagine if that happened on a consistent basis?

For horses with heaves, a disease much like asthma in humans, difficulties in breathing is a fact of life. And, much like asthma, we can’t cure it for our horses, but we can help to manage the symptoms… and for our horses, that is a breath of sweet relief.

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Time to Shine! 5 Tips for a Shiny Coat

 There is nothing like a stunning horse with a beautiful shiny coat, not only because it looks amazing, but it is the indication of a healthy horse.  Did you know a dull, lackluster coat could be  a sign of nutritional deficiencies?

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