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Dealing With Horse Shedding - Tools That Work Best

Equine Spring-cleaning time is here! With longer days and warmer weather comes....shedding.  If your horse isn’t clipped and/or blanketed, he’s probably a delightful fluffy fur ball and as mud season gets underway his color has migrated to a dark crusty brown. 

Horse Grooming Tip: Before you begin grooming, discard any fleece jacket or fabrics that you are wearing that will attract dirt and hair before you start. A plastic apron such as dog groomers use, is a great aid in keeping you clean.

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6 Common Misconceptions About Rain Rot in Horses

You might be surprised to learn that rain rot is not a skin condition that occurs only due to neglect or poor care of the horse. Even the most diligent horse owner who provides the best care can have a horse experience rain rot.

 What does rain rot look like?

If your horse develops crusty scabs that peel off with clumps of hair and leave bare spots on the skin then he has probably contracted rain rot. This condition is aptly named as it is caused by rain or moisture on the horse’s coat and is fairly common. It is also sometimes called rain scald.

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See How Theracyn™ Horse Wound Care Helped Theo Return to Eventing

"Airborne Theory (Aka. Theo) is a Thoroughbred/Irish Sport Horse that I have owned for two years. I came across Theo while horse shopping for a friend but he was quickly sold to someone else! About a year later, I came across an ad while horse shopping for myself, and recognized his name. I made the call, and went to see him, and the rest is history!

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Understanding Wound Care: Horse First-Aid Kit Checklist

If you have a horse, you probably have had an encounter with some sort of equine wound or injury! Horses love to get themselves into trouble, and being prepared for the worst can help you react for the best results! 

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25 Brilliant Uses For Flexible Horse Wraps

Believe it or not flexible horse bandages can fix many problems you may encounter on your farm or even on the trail! So when you are feeling a little crafty or your wallet is looking thin, keep these handy horse wrap uses in mind:

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Top 5 Most Deadly Horse Diseases

Infectious horse diseases are those that horses can get from each other, or via a transmitter such as a mosquito or tick, which may transmit the disease from horse to horse. Knowledge is key to prevention. Here are some of the most common horse diseases:

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