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Raising chicks and introducing them to your flock

We recently bought six chicks from our local feed store.  They were so cute!  We also have seven older birds from our first flock. (Yes, they are also cute!) The new chicks were initially kept in a brooder in our basement which was basically a heat lamp attached to a large storage bin with flaked bedding on the bottom. They were so small that even with a feeder and waterer in there they had plenty of room. Boy did that change fast!

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Keeping backyard chickens cool and healthy in the heat!

Hello again, friends! Summer is here and temperatures are rising! I’d like to share with you some of the adjustments we’ve made to our backyard chicken care routine this summer to help them beat the heat!

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What Goats Can't Eat Around Your Homestead Including Table Scraps!

Waste not, want not. Right?!

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City chicken guide – chicken coop ideas and advice from an expert on backyard chickens.

In 2018, my husband Louie and I decided we wanted to try our hand at raising chickens in the city. I grew up outside of Kansas City on spacious land, where we had room for a barn and pasture that our horses and chickens could live and roam. I have lived in the St. Louis now for 8 years, and I wanted to bring that idea of the barnyard to my backyard in the city. Now, one year later, I have a chicken coop in my backyard with two full-sized laying hens, two pullets, and plenty of fresh eggs. Are you thinking of getting backyard chickens? Are you wondering where to start? I’ve been there! And now I’m here to share some tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way when it comes to building a chicken coop and raising city chickens.

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Beginners Guide to Raising Goats

So, you want to raise goats?!

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Raising Baby Chicks Bought from the Chicken Feed Store

The grass has finally turned green here in the Midwest. You can almost put those coveralls away until next winter.  We really can’t be sure about that until mid May around here! Another sure sign of spring is walking into your local Tractor Supply Company and hearing that faint chirping of those adorable baby chicks. I know you have been tempted to take a few of those sweet chicks home. So when it comes to raising baby chicks, what do you need and how does this all work?

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Raising Ducks

There are few things cuter in this world than baby ducklings. Over the years I’ve raised many breeds of ducks and as a whole they are a pleasure to have on the homestead.

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Fresh Recipes for Late Summer Bounty

Peak Eating; Late summer is a time of unparalleled garden bounty. Eat it up, and don’t forget to share the scraps with your hard-working flock!

Photo Credit: Tristan Pierce

From Florida all the way on up to the Yukon, gardens are delivering on promises made back in early spring: sun-warmed tomatoes, sweet corn, juicy watermelons, leafy greens, and so much more.

There’s a rule of thumb for great food and wine pairing: If it grows together, it goes together. But you could also say: Same harvest time? Tastes fine! Think: tomatoes and basil; watermelon and mint; corn and…well, corn and just about anything! But generally speaking, if it’s ready to come out of the garden at the same time, it’ll probably taste pretty good together at the table.

Here are a few of my go-to, fresh-from-the-garden recipes that I’ll be enjoying again and again and again until we’re into apple and pumpkin time. Speaking of, roasted apples and pumpkin – mmmm mm!  These are the sort of dishes to savour outside, and since the hens will most likely be giving you serious stink-eye from the run, remember to share!

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