Celebrities Who Aren't Too Chicken to Raise Chickens

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Celebrities who own chickens

An entire blog post dedicated the celebrities who have chickens? That's right!  If you're watching next time the Oscars roll and see any of these big stars on the red carpet, it's a safe bet that they fed their chickens right before getting all glammed up for their night out on the town. 

Celebrity Chicken Chart

Don't want to rely on Hollywood when picking breeds for your flock?  Why not download Manna Pro's Chicken Breeds Chart instead; it's got the scoop on everything from size, color variations, egg production and color, temperament, and more, for 30 chicken breeds, all in one easy-to-read guide.  What a great reference tool!

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If you haven't already, be sure to check out Manna Pro's Chick Days page to learn about all of the offers and information being given out this Spring.

Do you know of any other celebrities raising chickens?  Tell us and we'll add them to our chart! Also, be sure to check out our Hollywood Homesteaders blog! It's full of detailed information on which of your favorite celebrities are suburban homesteading and just possibly backyard chicken raising.  


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