Best Online Resources for Backyard Chicken Owners

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Whether you are currently raising a backyard flock or just contemplating it, chances are you have a question or two.  There is lots of information out there on the internet, but how do you know which websites, downloads, and forums are the best?

caring for baby chicks      building and maintaining a chicken coop     egg storage and cleaning tips

The Manna Pro Poultry team spends a lot of time online looking for information and learning about what's new in the world of backyard poultry, and we've compiled a list of our very own most favorite websites and other online tools and resources for you.  Of course, a few of them are our very own (we're pretty proud of some of our guides, checklists, and webinars), but our list is primarily made up of expert sites and user forums that consistently provide reliable information in an easy-to-find and understand way.

Download our Backyard Poultry Resource List if you have questions about:

    • Chicken breeds
    • Incubating, hatching, or caring for chicks
    • Building and maintaining a chicken coop
    • Collecting, cleaning, and storing (and even eating) your eggs
    • Poultry nutrition, disease, and other poultry health issues
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