Baby Chick Product Feature: Water Protector

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Baby Chick Water Protector Manna Pro

Manna Pro Water Protector for ChickensAnd now for our second "baby chick product feature" as part of our Chick Days blog series!  If you would like to check out our first post on Coop 'N Compost, you can click here.

As the "Poultry Brand Manager" at Manna Pro, I tend to love each and every poultry product we introduce.  However, I do have my "babies" - the products I hold especially dear.  One such product is our Water Protector.  This is my misunderstood child, in a way.  It's the type of product few people know exists and therefore don't try it out.

Water Protector is one of our all-natural Carefree Enzymes products.  Similar to Poultry Protector and Egg Cleanser, this product uses completely natural methods to solve common poultry problems.  The enzymes basically function by utilizing natural processes to break down materials.  While the mix of enzymes in Poultry Protector break down the exoskeletons of mites and lice, killing them naturally through exposure to bacteria, the mix of enzymes in Water Protector is formulated to keep drinking water clean and clear by breaking down any natural buildup that occurs. 

While the "best" thing to do is to provide fresh drinking water to your flock on a daily basis, this isn't always realistic.  I know a lot of "chicken people" and none of them want to replace water an a daily basis.  I mean, part of the beauty of keeping chickens is that they are fairly low-maintenance while providing delicious and nutritious food for your family.  Besides the time and hassle, a majority of chicken owners are also very eco-conscious and dislike wasteful behavior like discarding gallons of water every day.

One home-remedy for algae or scum-buildup in waterers is Apple Cider Vinegar.  This can work well, but you have to be wary of the amounts used as long-exposure can have negative effects on your flock's digestive systems.  Furthermore, it should NOT be used in galvanized or heated waterers.  This is one of the reasons I am such a fan of Water Protector, as it can be used in any type of waterer, any time of year.  Plus the enzymes are much more gentle than acidic products like vinegar.

While the product is great for adult birds, the main reason I personally use Water Protector is for my chick waterers.  Sure, my flock's waterer benefits from Water Protector, but my chick waterers?  Now those things really need some help!  The combination of a heat lamp, plus food, shavings and chick droppings, all add up to some seriously scummy situations.  And I am a water-changing fool with my chick waterers.  I provide new water every single day and still can experience algae or scum in my waterers.  Once I started using Water Protector as part of my brooder kit, I was amazed with the results.  Plus, one bottle goes a long way and has a great shelf life, so I see it as a tremendous value.

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