Baby Chick Product Feature: Chick Starter Feeds

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Baby Chick Starter Crumbles
It may not be the most exciting or revolutionary product, but that doesn't change the fact that if you have baby chicks - you need chick starter!  Chick Starter is now widely available in just about any feed store and can come in a variety of formulas.

The main things you want in a starter feed is the appropriate amount of protein, plus an assortment of vitamins and minerals.  Aside from those you'll also want to make a choice about whether a medicated or non-medicated formula is right for your flock.  Below, we outline Manna Pro's three different options for starting your chicks and what makes them each uniquely great!

Manna Pro medicated chick starterMedicated Chick Starter

Our Medicated Chick Starter is one of our most popular poultry products.  Not only does it have complete fortification of vitamins and minerals, but it has 18% protein and Amprolium to help prevent Coccidiosis (a common disease within poultry).  The vitamins and minerals are extremely important for proper nutrition as well as supporting optimal growth.  The protein directly supports muscle development which is a cornerstone to health and body condition.  If you choose to feed a medicated starter, you don't need to supplement your chicks with any additional Amprolium, as these crumbles are specifically formulated to provide the correct amount of medicine.  Coccidiosis is a parasitic disease that affects the intestinal tract of animals.  It is easily spread from animal to animal, especially those that are exposed to wild animals or the outdoors.  Amprolium helps reduce the risk of infection when fed in small doses while chicks are the most vulnerable.  Medicated Chick Starter is recommended for the first 8 weeks of life, and can be fed for longer if you so choose.


manna pro non medicated starter

Non-Medicated Starter

We know that everyone's flock is different and also that everyone has a different way of managing the health of their chicks.  That's why we also offer a Non-Medicated Starter.  These crumbles have all the same benefits as our Medicated formula, but without the Amprolium.  The same vitamin & mineral fortification, the same level of protein, and the same easy-to-peck crumbles.  Non-Medicated Starter is ideal for mixed flocks, as goslings and ducklings should not eat medicated feed.  This feed is recommended for at least the first 8 weeks of life.




manna pro gamebird showbird starter growerGamebird/Showbird

Another non-medicated option is our Gamebird/Showbird crumbles.  This is a complete feed that is appropriate for both starting and growing a wide variety of poultry.  Don't let the photos of a quail, turkey and full-grown rooster fool you - this feed is a premium crumble that has tons of benefits for starting chicks.  It continues our standard for complete vitamin and minteral fortification, but increases protein levels to 24% with amino acids for fast growth, efficient gain, and high-quality plumage.  It also contains yeast culture for improved digestion and feed utilization.  Gamebird/Showbird can be feed as a starter and grower, which means you can easily feed this for the first 16 weeks of life.


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