In Honor of 10,000 Facebook Likes: Top 10 Favorite Poultry Products!

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Woohoo!  The Manna Pro Poultry facebook page hit 10,000 likes this morning.  In honor of all our fantastic fans, we have decided to review our top 10 favorite poultry products AND do a giveaway for 10 lucky poultry peeps!

You might not realize it, but Manna Pro actually offers 27 different specialty poultry products.  That's a lot of different ways to nurture your flock.  Not only does this mean that we offer a solution for almost every issue your birds might face, but it also means that choosing our ten favorites is HARD.  However, after much thought and deliberation, we have chosen our top ten product from our extensive poultry line.

10. Chick Grit

It's not a complicated product, but it's a fantastic one.  If your birds forage outside or you feed them whole/large grains, then they need some extra digestive support from a product such as Poultry Grit.  Our small-sized Chick Grit is ideal, not only for younger birds who need smaller particals, but also for bantam or small-sized adult birds.

9. Chick Stick

Baby chicks are very adorable, but did you know they can also get quite bored?  Sometimes that boredom causes them to peck at one another.  Our Chick Stick treat for chicks is the perfect way to add some nutritious, delicious distraction for your new babies.

8. Coop 'N Compost

If you are really, really lucky, then you might never have an issue with coop odors.  If you are like the rest of us, then this can occasionally be a problem.  Not only can the odor be unpleasant for you and your family, but they can actually be harmful to chickens' vulnerable respiratory systems.  Coop 'N Compost is an amazing, 100% natural product that is used to elinimate harmful odors.  Plus, it's made with zeolite which has been shown to improve the quality of your composted food scraps and manure by making the nutrients more plant-accessible.  Good for your birds AND good for your garden!

7. Water Protector

We featured this product in a blog post about our favorite chick products earlier this year, and it's not hard to understand why!  Most brooders can get pretty messy with a bunch of chicks tossing shavings and worse around.  You'll often find yourself scooping out their waterer several times a day.  When you combine that with the fact that most people also have a heat lamp over their brooder, you end up with some fast-growing algae and scum!  A little bit of All-Natural Water Protector helps prevent the natural buildup of residue.  It is also fantastic for adult waterers.  While most of us would like to be changing the waterer out of our waterers on a daily basis, sometimes we can go a few days without doing so.  Water Protector helps keep your flock's drinking water clean and tasty.

6. The Egg Skelter

This item is more difficult to find in stores, but is the only item we sell through our website at the moment.  Not only is it a unique way to display your gorgeous backyard eggs, but it also keeps the eggs in order of lay - ensuring you always eat the oldest eggs first and never have to throw any eggs in the trash.  Originally available in the UK only, Manna Pro was proud to bring the Egg Skelter across the pond so poultry peeps like you could enjoy it.

5. Life-Lytes MEGA TABS

If you have done your research, you know that chickens instinctually know not to show weakness lest their flock-mates might start to bully them.  Unfortuantely, this also means that we don't always know when our birds don't feel well.  That's why it's important to be aware of any situations that might compromise their immunity and health.  Travel, heat, new homes, competitive shows... These are all stressful events for chickens.  Supplementing them with vitamins and electrolytes is a great way to provide them with extra support.  Life-Lytes MEGA TABS is a quick and convenient way to enhance their drinking water and nurture their health.

4. Gamebird/Showbird

This product is good for so many different reasons, sometimes it's hard to explain to people why it's so wonderful.  Gamebird/Showbird Complete Feed has 24% protein plus comprehensive vitamin & mineral fortification.  It can be used for adult birds to enhance body condition and plumage, but it can also be used as an ultra-premium starter feed.  It's non-medicated which also means it can be used for ducklings and goslings, as well as chicks.  If you want the best of the best for your chicks or adult flock, this product is for you.

3. Poultry Protector

Most of us raise our flocks so that we can have access to safe, natural, delicious food for ourselves and our family.  No one wants to spray their coops or birds with harsh chemicals.  Poultry Protector is the leading poultry-specific pest control solution on the market today.  It is so safe and natural, it can be sprayed directly on the birds, as well as in coops and environements.  It's made using naturally occuring enzymes that cause microscopic tears in the exoskeletons of common pests like mites and lice, allowing bacteria to kill these insects from within.  Totally natural, totally effective.

2. Garden/Harvest Delight

Ok, we admit it.  We're kind of cheating on this one.  Technically these are two different products, but we love them both so much we couldn't pick just one!  Our "Delight" line of premium poultry treats is a colorful and nutrious way to offer your flock a rewarding treat.  Great in the winter when natural grasses and bugs are hard to find, Garden Delight and Harvest Delight poultry treats contain ingredients like pumpkin seeds, golden raisins, whole grains, peanuts, broccoli, beets, green peas, dried carrots, dried tomatoes, or flaxseed.  Dubbed "chicken crack" by many of our facebook fans, this is definitely a fan-favorite!

1. Omega Egg Maker

We just LOVE this product.  Not only is it an amazing value versus some of the other Omega supplements and feeds on the market, but this product has so many great features.  It's a concentrated supplement which means you only need to feed a teaspoon to tablespoon per bird, per day.  But that little amount packs a big punch.  If you are trying to enhance your backyard eggs, this product has Omega-3 fatty acids as well as natural ingredients for richer, more vibrantly colored yolks.  If you're looking for something to enhance the plumage and health of your birds, it contains complete vitamin & mineral fortification.  Omega Egg Maker is fantastic for year-round support of your flock from laying season through moulting.  Try it today and you'll notice a difference!

Is one of your favorite Manna Pro Poultry products missing from this list?  Tell us about it in the comments!  We can't wait to hear from you.

ALSO, in celebration of our 10,000 likes, we are going to do a giveaway to 10 lucky poultry peeps!  Enter our contest below for a chance to win a Manna Pro Poultry package including two posters, a reusable shopping bag, and a t-shirt!  Winners will be drawn November 11th and contacted via email.

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