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At Rustic Ares Farm, I am grateful to Manna Pro for developing a goat mineral supplement that meets the needs of all the goats on our farm.  As goat breeders for almost 30 years, my husband and I have worked diligently to find a balanced diet in our goat management program.  On average we maintain a herd of about 50 goats ranging in age from kids thru aged adults, both bucks and does, and an occasional wether or two.  For many years we struggled by trial and error, working with local animal nutritionists to find the perfect balance. Within the past 10 years we have finally discovered the balance we have been searching for in combining a well-balanced feed complimented by a variety of supplements produced by Manna Pro.  One of the most used products on our farm and my favorite is the Goat Mineral. 


Looking back over the years I remember worrying about the overall appearance of my goats.  They did not have the shiny, healthy hair coat.  One of the most noticeable changes in my goat herd after adding the Manna Pro Goat Mineral to their diets is their beautiful, shiny hair.  For many years we worked to convince nutritionists, and even veterinarians that goats are more like miniature cows and nutritionally had similar dietary needs.  Many classified goats to be more like sheep which would result in a copper deficiency in the goat herd.  Copper is essential for overall goat health from their hair to their body condition to their overall growth. Manna Pro Goat Mineral contain the copper to satisfy this need.


The presence of Selenium is critical in any goat mineral supplement because of the deficiency in our area.  Manna Pro Goat Mineral contains a nice blend of Selenium along with Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, and Zinc among others which have improved the overall growth rate in my herd.  From the start, my kids have been healthier.  The growth rate stays right on target with more resistance to disease.  The adults seem to handle the stress of breeding and kidding season with ease, maintaining weight and body condition.

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Ammonium Chloride is a must when raising bucklings, wethers and maintaining health into adulthood.  By providing Manna Pro Goat Mineral along with a balanced grain ration, the ammonium chloride helps balance the pH level in the urine which helps in the prevention of urinary calculi.


Finally, the Manna Pro Goat Mineral has the added plus of Vitamin D, which aides in the body’s ability to use calcium.  The calcium helps in the bone development, muscling in growing kids, and in milk production in our lactating does.


Overall, I cannot express how satisfying it has been to watch the change in our goat herd since the addition of the Manna Pro Goat Mineral to our herd management plan.  From the beautiful hair coats, the improved body condition, and healthier appearance from head to toe, this is what my husband and I have been striving for during the 30 years of raising goats.  Healthier, happier goats equals happy owners.  A sincere hats off to Manna Pro for formulating a well-balanced mineral supplement to meet the needs of the entire herd.  Adding Manna Pro Goat Mineral is a great way to improve your goat herd management plan.

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Kimberly Carrera-Moff

Kimberly Carrera-Moff

Growing up on a 25-acre horse farm, I never dreamed I would be known as “The Goat Lady” 40 years later. My real name is Kimberly Carrera-Moff and I live on a 100-acre farm, Rustic Acres, in Berlin Center, Ohio. I am a 35 year 4-H advisor for the Capriculturists and the Mahoning County Goat Club and have been Manager of the Mahoning County Junior Fair for 30 years in Canfield, Ohio. I am a charter life-time member of the Kinder Goat Association and assisted with the development of the kinder goat breed. I have raised registered pygmy goats, boar goats, Nubians, but my favorite breed on the farm is by far the kinder goat. With a total of over 40 years of experience of working with goats, I have worked with local feed nutritionists and veterinarians in feed development and analyzing health issues on our goat farm. They say time flies when you are having fun but it seems just like yesterday that I held my very first goat in 4-H. Sharing my goat experience and knowledge I have gained over the years is a dream come true and will hopefully make an easier road for upcoming goat enthusiasts.

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