Keeping Rabbits: Controlling Harmful Ammonia in Your Rabbit's Environment

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While reading one of my favorite gardening websites a few days ago, I came across an extremely helpful article; one all about keeping pests at bay, naturally. As my hostas are currently chewed to the ground by deer, and my potato plants are currently being dug up by skunks, I clicked into the article with a hopeful attitude.

The article left me speechless. The best natural way to keep away pesky mammals? Ammonia.

Why of course it made sense. The noxious smell of ammonia while I clean out my rabbit cage makes my eyes water and my throat burn. It seems obvious that other animals would find it as offensive as I do… but my heart sunk when I read that ammonia was most effective at deterring wild rabbits and hares from entering a garden.

In fact, ammonia is so effective at keeping rabbits away from vegetable gardens (and their delicious goodness) that this particular gardening website had labeled it a “sure-fire” way to discourage them.

…And my rabbitry smells like ammonia…img_0201.jpg

By trying to keep my rabbits safe and sound (but with the smell of ammonia), I am effectively keeping them hostage in an environment that their wild counterparts know is harmful to their health and will avoid at all costs.

High levels of ammonia do more than smell bad, they irritate lungs extensively, even leading to severe infections and pneumonia. The lungs are not the only part of the rabbit affected though, the eyes, nose and throat are also irritated, with some studies even sighting liver damage in severe cases.                                                       

Luckily, there is an easy way to eliminate ammonia in your rabbitry. In addition to healthy_world_pet_deodorizer_3.5_lb_front_2.jpgconsistently cleaning litter and having adequate ventilation, Healthy World Pet Deodorizer, powered by Sweet PDZ Horse Stall Refresher, removes ammonia from the rabbit’s environment.

Healthy World Pet Deodorizer is produced from an all-natural zeolite, which doesn’t mask odors, it actually removes them from the air and the litter. This amazing product helps to keep your rabbits breathing easy (and happy!) in their home.


If you don’t want to be driving rabbits away, consider adding Healthy World Pet Deodorizer to your rabbit care regimen.


Jennifer Roberts

Jennifer is an 11-time national champion and has successfully competed on both the Hunter/Jumper Circuit and the Arabian Horse Circuit.


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