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Foraging for Food on the Homestead

Search Party; Gathering and Feasting on the Homestead’s Wild Bounty

It’s spring, and throughout most of North America parks and woodlands are busting out all over with new life – some of it quite delicious. Assemble a gang of sharp-eyed friends armed with sharp paring knives, satchels and a trusty edible plant field guide and head on out into the woods or even just around the edges of the homestead, to forage for dinner…then feast!

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Re-Purpose Your Eggshells

Eggstreme Eggshell Make-Over

Okay, I get it, you’re here on this page, you’re a Manna Pro Hearty Homesteader. You’re crafty and resourceful; you already reduce, reuse, and recycle, and 99.9% of you already re-purpose your eggshells. Still, on the off chance that you don’t know all the fun things you can do with eggshells, I’ve put together a list. With any luck you might find your new favorite eggshell re-do right here!

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A Guide To Small Goat Breeds

Your Guide to Small Breed Goats

I believe whole heartedly that anyone should be able to enjoy a farm experience if they have the desire. Homesteading should not be reserved only to people who can afford large pieces of property. 

Farm animals, if raised correctly, and this is the key, (proper fencing, regular bedding changes, and not overpopulating the space) could theoretically be kept on even the smallest of yards.

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Common Chicken Idioms

Foghorn Leghorn is a classic example of being "Cocky"

Keeping chickens has been an endeavor of great rewards for our family.  From the cute chirping hatch-lings up to our laying hens, who are fully of personality, we have learned so much.  Surprisingly, one of the things we have enjoyed learning the most are all the sayings people use so commonly that are directly related to keeping chickens.  I had been using many of these chicken idioms for years in other contexts off the farm; only to find myself chuckling at 6:30am when letting the ladies out of the coop.  The first one that really hit me was the saying “cooped up”. Here I only thought that applied to the feeling I got after spending several days trapped in the house being “mother hen” during a snowstorm with 2 little boys. 

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Choosing the Right Goat Breed

Choosing the Right Goat Breed

Choosing the right goat breed for your farm or homestead can make or break your experience with goats.

It can be exciting to rush to buy the first goat you find, but taking your time and doing a bit of research will really pay off in the long run.

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Why Chickens and Children are Great Companions

        My family is coming up on our fourth year of raising chickens. The experience has been much more rewarding than we had initially anticipated. I thought they would stay in their coop and we would occasionally get eggs and that would be about it, which I was totally fine with. But, after watching everything my children have learned through the experience, I don't think I will ever not keep chickens. Not only have my children learned so much from the experience, they truly enjoy the time spent with our hens. Here are just a few reasons why chickens and children go so well together.

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Dye Easter Eggs Naturally!

You don’t have to be a kid to be enchanted by a beautifully decorated Easter egg. You just need to look at the work of Peter Carl Fabergé, the jeweler famous for his outrageously expensive bejeweled porcelain eggs – to know there’s something intrinsically wonderful and perfect about an egg.

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The Scientific & Proactive Approach to Raising Healthy Calves

The digestive tract of a newborn calf undergoes major changes as the calf develops into a functional ruminant.  At birth, the gut contains no microorganisms at all. It's not until the first few weeks of life, that the calf’s digestive tract functions as a simple monogastric system much like that of a pig, a dog or a human. Eventually it develops into a complex and dynamic microbial ecosystem as the animal grows to maturity.

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Best Breeds for Raising Chickens with Children

Chickens and children are a perfect match. Chickens are an easy animal to take care of and most school age children should be able to care for a small flock on their own with little help from adults. I think that there is a valuable lesson in raising chickens at a young age, in particular. Not only do kids get the satisfaction of caring for an adorable pet, but they also learn that with responsibility comes reward in the form of eggs in the nesting box. I’ve yet to meet a child that doesn’t get a thrill from collecting a basket full of eggs. 

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Common Mini Pig Dry Skin Issues

Petunia Knows that Healthy Skin = Happy Pig

Maintaining your mini-pig’s skin can turn out to be a more demanding job than many owners realize.  However, with proper diet & care, most mini-pigs will have perfectly healthy and happy skin. 

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