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It’s so predictable you can set your clock by it: when you get a few rabbit breeders together, it won’t take very long before they’re talking feed.

Raising rabbits is full of risks and rewards; through research and good stewardship, breeders can do a lot to create beautiful rabbits. Smart rabbit breeders realize, though, that all of the external factors won’t matter a whit if they don’t pay attention to the basics – what goes IN the gut of the animal!

We’ve been raising rabbits for almost a decade. When we purchased our first trio we made sure we had researched online and asked around to experienced breeders about which feed would give us the most bang for our buck. One old-time breeder who had run a commercial rabbit operation and worked for a feed store company in his retirement was very blunt with us: “Get Manna Pro. Rabbits do well on it without any fuss.”


We followed his advice from the very beginning. While feeding Manna Pro our rabbits are consistently healthy, meet growth expectations, and sport fur that meets the standard for their breed. We haven’t had a single broken tooth from mineral deficiency, broken toenails are extremely infrequent, our mamas have good milk production, and we rarely lose youngsters at weaning. All of these things can be attributed to having a good, predictable, and complete feed dished up in front of them every day.

Across the board, our rabbits eat Manna Pro, PRO Formula. This is the steady offering in our rabbit barn because it just works and is readily available in our area.

Occasionally we do work with the other Manna Pro Series formulas for specific purposes. For example, our children put their 4H fair meat pens on Manna Pro GRO formula, and we have fed SHO formula when we have a significant show coming up. (In fact, one of our rabbits was placed as Best Opposite of Breed at the ARBA National Show while on Manna SHO formula!) Manna Pro feed has done well for us!

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JJ Veale

JJ Veale

JJ and her family have been raising rare breed rabbits in the mountains of northern Arizona since 2012. She also grew up in a rabbit-raising family and has enjoyed the benefits of rabbits throughout her life.


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