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Types of chickens – Silkie breed | Manna Pro

I came across and fell in love with Silkie chickens after breeding and showing chickens for a few years.  I found them so irresistible that I hastily acquired some eggs from a breeder in Tennessee, among other places, as soon as they caught my eye. I have been hatching, breeding, and showing Silkie chickens ever since. Due to the Silkie chickens’ adorable appearance and sweet disposition, they are a very popular breed with famous people and backyard enthusiasts, alike.

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Types of chickens – Ameraucana breed | Manna Pro

I have now been raising, breeding and showing the Ameraucana breed of chicken for five years. I have come to love this purebred breed for its very docile temperament, unique physical traits, and fun personality. Finding the right breed for me, however, was a journey that consisted of first raising other breeds and doing my research.

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Raising Baby Chicks Bought from the Chicken Feed Store

The grass has finally turned green here in the Midwest. You can almost put those coveralls away until next winter.  We really can’t be sure about that until mid May around here! Another sure sign of spring is walking into your local Tractor Supply Company and hearing that faint chirping of those adorable baby chicks. I know you have been tempted to take a few of those sweet chicks home. So when it comes to raising baby chicks, what do you need and how does this all work?

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Best Breeds for Raising Chickens with Children

Chickens and children are a perfect match. Chickens are an easy animal to take care of and most school age children should be able to care for a small flock on their own with little help from adults. I think that there is a valuable lesson in raising chickens at a young age, in particular. Not only do kids get the satisfaction of caring for an adorable pet, but they also learn that with responsibility comes reward in the form of eggs in the nesting box. I’ve yet to meet a child that doesn’t get a thrill from collecting a basket full of eggs. 

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How To Pick The Right Chick - A Guide To Choosing Chicken Breeds

One of the most difficult and exciting things about keeping chickens is selecting which breeds are right for you and your family. I say difficult, because there are just so many breeds and options! In fact, the truth is that you really can’t make mistakes. I can really only think of one exception. You need to choose breeds that are compatible with the climate where you live. From their looks, the eggs, personality, and their ability to handle confinement, I think that you will be delighted to discover hundreds of chicken breeds are available to you.

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Chicken Breeds Spotlight: Rhode Island Reds

Rhode Island Reds are one of the most popular chicken breeds for backyard flocks for a variety of reasons.  They are dual-purpose, which makes them perfect for small homesteads, and are amazing layers of large brown eggs.  In fact, a well-fed Rhode Island hen can lay as many as 6-7 eggs a week!  They are very hardy in a variety of climates and many report their "RIR" hens to be exceptionally docile.

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