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Cleaning chicken coops is key to keeping flocks healthy | Manna Pro

Whether you’re just starting out with 4 chickens or a seasoned poultry raiser with 400, keeping them healthy should always be top priority. Respiratory diseases can be a significant problem in any setting, and I want to share some husbandry tips to help foster a healthy environment, and thus healthy birds. It’s first and foremost important to select chicks or started birds from trusted hatcheries or local outfits to ensure they have a great start to their life. We can then take it back to the basics. Proper sanitation and litter management, clean food and watering areas, and adequate space for the amount of birds you have are key husbandry guidelines to always practice.

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City chicken guide – chicken coop ideas and advice from an expert on backyard chickens.

In 2018, my husband Louie and I decided we wanted to try our hand at raising chickens in the city. I grew up outside of Kansas City on spacious land, where we had room for a barn and pasture that our horses and chickens could live and roam. I have lived in the St. Louis now for 8 years, and I wanted to bring that idea of the barnyard to my backyard in the city. Now, one year later, I have a chicken coop in my backyard with two full-sized laying hens, two pullets, and plenty of fresh eggs. Are you thinking of getting backyard chickens? Are you wondering where to start? I’ve been there! And now I’m here to share some tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way when it comes to building a chicken coop and raising city chickens.

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Housekeeping for Chicken Keepers

There are many ways to care for your flock, but one of the best things you can do to keep them healthy, thriving and laying eggs is to provide them with a neat and tidy home.

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