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What Goats Can't Eat Around Your Homestead Including Table Scraps!

Waste not, want not. Right?!

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Goat Kid Milk Replacer 101

How To Select A Milk Replacer For Your Baby Goats

Milk replacer is vital to keeping your goat kids healthy and growing. However, selecting and feeding the right milk replacer can be a daunting task. But with the right background information, you can feel confident you’re choosing what’s best for your goats.

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Feeding Baking Soda to Your Goats

Baking soda can be a useful addition to your goat’s diet. It can aid in digestion issues and help to prevent bloat; a sometimes deadly condition caused by overeating, or eating the wrong food.

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Breaking Down the Goat Diet

Feeding a herd of goats can be tricky. Goats have a complex digestive system that requires different types and amounts of food to run smoothly. When you enter the goat world, it seems that everyone has an opinion on what is the “best” way to feed. As a result, it can be confusing to know what is right for your animals.

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Goat Kids: Dam vs. Bottle-Fed

Although meat and fiber goats are raised by their mothers under normal circumstances, dairy goats are often bottle-fed. Disease control, higher profits, and friendlier goats are the three reasons given for bottle-feeding dairy goats. However, bottle-feeding may not be the right choice for everyone.

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Hoof Care for Goats

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