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Kinder goat breed profile | Manna Pro

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Goat minerals improve the health of the herd | Manna Pro

At Rustic Ares Farm, I am grateful to Manna Pro for developing a goat mineral supplement that meets the needs of all the goats on our farm.  As goat breeders for almost 30 years, my husband and I have worked diligently to find a balanced diet in our goat management program.  On average we maintain a herd of about 50 goats ranging in age from kids thru aged adults, both bucks and does, and an occasional wether or two.  For many years we struggled by trial and error, working with local animal nutritionists to find the perfect balance. Within the past 10 years we have finally discovered the balance we have been searching for in combining a well-balanced feed complimented by a variety of supplements produced by Manna Pro.  One of the most used products on our farm and my favorite is the Goat Mineral. 

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What Goats Can't Eat Around Your Homestead Including Table Scraps!

Waste not, want not. Right?!

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Raising Fiber Goats 101

Raising Fiber Goats 

If you own a cashmere sweater, you can thank a goat. When most people think of fiber animals the sheep is probably the first that comes to mind. And it’s true that with more than 1000 distinct sheep breeds worldwide, it’s easy to see how sheep dominate the world of fiber.

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A Guide To Small Goat Breeds

Your Guide to Small Breed Goats

I believe whole heartedly that anyone should be able to enjoy a farm experience if they have the desire. Homesteading should not be reserved only to people who can afford large pieces of property. 

Farm animals, if raised correctly, and this is the key, (proper fencing, regular bedding changes, and not overpopulating the space) could theoretically be kept on even the smallest of yards.

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Raising Dairy Goats - A Guide to Breeds

Dairy goats can be the perfect solution to the small homesteader who wants a steady producing dairy animal, but perhaps doesn’t have the space, or housing available to raise a cow.

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A Guide To Buying a New Goat


A Guide to Buying a New Goat

 Buying goats can be such a fun experience!

Goats are not terribly expensive animals, even award winning lines are fairly reasonable considering what some pure bred dog breeds cost. But still, you want to make sure you are getting a valuable animal for your money.

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The Importance of Good Fencing for Raising Goats

Goats are climbing animals by nature. In the wild, they spend their days balanced on impossible ledges and vertical mountain cliffs. It takes incredible strength and well trained footing to live in a goat’s natural habitat. Because of this natural ability, a weak farmyard fence is child’s play to a goat.

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Breaking Down the Goat Diet

Feeding a herd of goats can be tricky. Goats have a complex digestive system that requires different types and amounts of food to run smoothly. When you enter the goat world, it seems that everyone has an opinion on what is the “best” way to feed. As a result, it can be confusing to know what is right for your animals.

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Goat Kids: Dam vs. Bottle-Fed

Although meat and fiber goats are raised by their mothers under normal circumstances, dairy goats are often bottle-fed. Disease control, higher profits, and friendlier goats are the three reasons given for bottle-feeding dairy goats. However, bottle-feeding may not be the right choice for everyone.

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