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Raising Young Animals - A "How To" Video Series

Whether you raise foals, piglets, goat kids or more, making the decision to raise young animals can be daunting, especially if you've only ever known the family dog or cat.

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Understanding Proteins in Milk Replacers

Today, there are many choices of proteins used in milk replacers for your baby animals. Many of the price differences, for these milk replacers, are a reflection of the ingredients in the product you are buying. At some point, you may find yourself looking at three different bags, all appearing to be the same product and all weighing the same. However, you notice they have different prices. In most cases, the price difference is a reflection of the type of proteins used in the manufacturing of the product inside the bag. What’s even more confusing is that all of three products, in the bags, are most likely similar in color. They range from a white to cream.

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Goats: Preparing for Kids

Preparing for the birth of a goat kid will insure they get off to the right start. Of course, the doe is going to do most of the work in the birthing process, but there are many reasons why a baby goat kid might need your support and preparation.

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