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Pros, Cons and Facts About Raising Turkeys

If your homesteading situation is set up to where you have the ability to raise turkeys, I highly encourage that you do! Turkeys are amazing creatures, and though we began our Black Spanish turkey flock with the intention of filling our freezer each fall, I found that turkeys have wonderful personalities and make amazing pets as well.

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Considering Age Differences When Feeding Your Flock

If you’re a chicken owner who plans to raise chicks, young pullets, and laying hen’s side-by-side, you’ll need to know how to do so while ensuring all of your chickens receive the proper nutrition for their age. Feeding chickens of different ages, while confusing at first, is fairly simple when you follow a few important guidelines.

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Raising Chickens with P. Allen Smith

Looking for expert advice from someone who know's poultry?

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Starting Your Flock Off Right

Spring is here and as the days slowly grow longer it seems that many of us are dreaming of spring chicks. It's that time of year when we page through breeder catalogs, search the internet for our must have breeds, and begin to hear the peeping of baby chicks at our local feed stores. Soon enough you and your family will welcome chicks into your backyards and into your lives.

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