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Fresh Recipes for Late Summer Bounty

Peak Eating; Late summer is a time of unparalleled garden bounty. Eat it up, and don’t forget to share the scraps with your hard-working flock!

Photo Credit: Tristan Pierce

From Florida all the way on up to the Yukon, gardens are delivering on promises made back in early spring: sun-warmed tomatoes, sweet corn, juicy watermelons, leafy greens, and so much more.

There’s a rule of thumb for great food and wine pairing: If it grows together, it goes together. But you could also say: Same harvest time? Tastes fine! Think: tomatoes and basil; watermelon and mint; corn and…well, corn and just about anything! But generally speaking, if it’s ready to come out of the garden at the same time, it’ll probably taste pretty good together at the table.

Here are a few of my go-to, fresh-from-the-garden recipes that I’ll be enjoying again and again and again until we’re into apple and pumpkin time. Speaking of, roasted apples and pumpkin – mmmm mm!  These are the sort of dishes to savour outside, and since the hens will most likely be giving you serious stink-eye from the run, remember to share!

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White Chocolate Strawberry Trifle - Recipe

Photo credit: Tristan Peirce

Spring Fling  It’s time again for that short-lived but passionate love affair with local strawberries.

Of spring’s fleeting culinary pleasures – asparagus, fiddleheads, morels, rhubarb – strawberries are perhaps the most ephemeral of them all. If, like me, you only eat local fresh strawberries when in season, then you know just how short and sweet the season is. And it’s not just the season that flies by, once picked we’ve got about 16 ½ minutes to get them home and into our mouths before they begin to liquefy. Best to eat as you pick, with a can of whipped cream in a holster, perhaps?

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Foraging for Food on the Homestead

Search Party; Gathering and Feasting on the Homestead’s Wild Bounty

It’s spring, and throughout most of North America parks and woodlands are busting out all over with new life – some of it quite delicious. Assemble a gang of sharp-eyed friends armed with sharp paring knives, satchels and a trusty edible plant field guide and head on out into the woods or even just around the edges of the homestead, to forage for dinner…then feast!

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Coeur â la Crème Valentine's Day Recipe!  

Valentine’s Day Dishes with Heart

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Light Recipes for the Holidays

Eating Light on Christmas Morning

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Devoutly religious or certainly secular, the one thing we all have in common over the holidays is the feasting. For me growing up, Christmas Eve was an elegant roast dinner – beef or lamb – then Christmas Day it was all about the bird. After that, it was left-over mania – with zero waste and zero complaints! Roast beef or turkey sandwiches, casseroles; a comforting, completely un-healthy lunch of

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Patriot Day Angel Food Cake Recipe

Photo Credit:  Tristan Peirce 

Honor. Bake. Celebrate!

Some call it “the day that changed the world”. For me, until that September 11th, it had always just been a happy day and my birthday. On September 11, 2001 – a Tuesday, as I recall – I had just emerged from the subway, so I’d been out of touch for a bit, but when I came out onto one of Toronto’s busiest streets – Yonge Street – I saw people clustered around electronics stores, staring at banks of TVs in the windows, each one playing what? A movie? The latest Hollywood blockbuster? Some blow-em-up thriller with Bruce Willis? But the mood was too solemn, and there were tears, too. And people looking dazed, wracked with disbelief. In shock.

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Fourth of July - Perfect Picnicking with Eggs!

Featured Photo Courtesy of Tristan Peirce

Canadians celebrate their special day on the first of July. In the States, it’s the fourth. Either day or way you celebrate, we bet there’s going to be some outdoor feasting involved. Of course the grill is king all summer long and especially from the first through the fourth, but along with all those hot dogs and burgers, we’ll all be dishing up some sumptuous sides – many of which will contain eggs and mayonnaise.

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Two Delicious Egg Recipes for Mother's Day

Every Mother Hen has Her Day! Try these Two Delicious Egg Recipes for Mother’s Day.

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